Cold weather is a major factor that makes outdoor exercise difficult to do. This makes indoor physical activities the only alternative to make us sweat out in order to stay fit and energized. These activities should continue until the onset of spring when temperature rises and the sun goes out.

There are a lot of indoor physical activities that you can engage in during the winter season. They allow you to burn the same amount of calories to prevent your body from accumulating extra pounds. These exercises include:

1. Fitness Centers Exercises

Fitness centers have made it possible for a lot of outdoor physical activities to be done indoors. These exercises include jogging, walking, biking and swimming.

Fitness centers are equipped with exercise tools that allow people to perform their exercises without hitting the road outside. People who want to do their exercise regimen despite poor weather conditions can take advantage of its equipments and facilities that include pools, treadmills, walkers, pools, joggers, stationary bikers, elliptical machines and stair climbers. All of these can give you the exercises that help to strengthen and tone your major muscle groups.

2. Aerobic Exercises

Engaging in indoor aerobic exercises is another good alternative to outdoor physical activities. You can do it alone or as a group and you can perform it anywhere. It is also fun and enjoyable because it is performed with music in the background. Aerobic exercises are offered in most gyms and fitness centers.

3. Basketball

Basketball is another indoor sport that exercises both your upper and lower body. It boosts your stamina and it has the same or greater effect than jogging as it involves running, walking, jumping and rebounding. This sport also helps to improve your flexibility and sense of balance as well as your mind-and-body coordination. It is a team sport that helps to build friendly relationships among players.

3. Racquetball

Racquetball is a sport that requires short bursts of speed, good footwork and hand-eye coordination. The game is played in a large room with the player using a racquet and a rubber ball. It tests your agility and focus, and it helps to strengthen and tone your leg, core, and upper body muscles.

4. Tennis and Badminton

Tennis and badminton are indoor racquet sports that are exciting, fun and exercising. If you want to develop your leg muscles and you want to engage in abrupt take-offs, sudden stops and jumps, badminton is the game for you. But if you want to engage in running and hitting the ball as hard as you can, tennis would be your game. Both games help to develop your hand-eye coordination and strengthen your lower and core muscles, some and some muscles in your upper body. They are excellent fat and calorie burners that help to keep you fit and trim.

These are some of the most popular indoor exercises that can help to keep you in shape during rainy or winter seasons.


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