Apples are fruits which are packed with nutrients that keep us healthy and resistant from diseases.  The old adage which says that an apple a day keeps the doctor away is so true.  Here are six reasons why:

1. It helps to protect your bones

According to a French research, phloridzin, a flavanoid that is present in apples, may help to increase bone density and protect you from osteoporosis.  Apples also contain boron which is an active substance that helps to strengthen your bones.

2. It helps to prevent asthma

Asthmatic children who drank apple juice on a daily basis suffered less attacks than those who did not drink, one recent study suggests.  Another study showed that children of mothers who ate apples during pregnancy have lower incidences of asthma than children whose mothers did not eat apples.

3. It helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease

According to a study conducted at Cornell University in New York, quercetin, an antioxidant found in apples, may help to protect your brain cells from damage due to Alzheimer's disease.

4. It helps to lower cholesterol levels

Apples contain pectin, a chemical that helps to lower cholesterol levels.  Eating two apples a day may help to lessen bad cholesterol level by 16 percent.

5. It helps to prevent cancer

The presence of flavonoids quercetin and naringin in apples help to prevent the development of lung cancer.  According to a study, a person who eats apples regularly may lower his risk of getting lung cancer by 50 percent.  Another study conducted by Cornell University found that rats which were fed with apples on a daily basis reduced their risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 44 percent.

The study also found that feeding rats with extract from apple skins lowered their risk of getting colon cancer by 43 percent.  It also reduced the risk of liver cancer in rats by as much as 57 percent.

6. It helps to lower the body's need for insulin

Apples contain pectin which supplies the body with galacturonic acid.  This chemical helps to lower the body's need for insulin.  This could be of help to people who are suffering from diabetes.


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