Many people consider anger as a negative emotion, yet it is perfectly normal for people to get angry from time to time as long as long as their ire is within a controllable level. 

Anger is an energy sapper and people express it in different ways.  It signifies a problem, but the way it is expressed makes the problem even worse. 

Expressing anger is quite okay, but you have to manage it properly in order to avoid consequences that you might regret later on.  Here are some ways that you can use to help keep you cool when you are angry:

1. Walk away

If you feel that your anger is getting the better of you, it would be a better idea to walk away.  This will help to make you cool down a bit and give yourself a time to restore your heart beat and blood pressure to normal. 

Once you have removed yourself from the situation, take deep breaths, relax and avoid thinking of the things that caused your annoyance. 

2. Know the signs

There are physical signs of anger that you should know in order to avoid reaching your boiling point.  These signs are the result of your "fight or flight" responses.  Your desire to fight increases as you anger worsens, and it has physical symptoms which include rapid breathing, feeling flushed or a stinging sensation in your ears.  You should recognize your warning signs so that you can take appropriate steps to manage it before it gets out of hand.

3. Avoid being confrontational

Sometimes, anger is triggered by miscommunication, but it can be resolved by a good two-way communication. 

Communication is the key to settle a dispute.  However, it should not be made in a confrontational manner to avoid tempers from rising.   Listen to what the other party is saying and try not to be defensive of your position.  Be objective about the situation and try to be calm in order to diffuse the tense situation.

4. Focus on the solution, not the problem

You know that there's a problem that triggers your anger.  Try to focus on a solution that will put an end to the conflict.  Concentrate on resolving the issue without minding the things that made you angry.  This will help in resolving the conflict in an intelligent and peaceful way.

5. Avoid situations that can make you angry

Sometimes, the situations that we get into are the culprits that activate our anger button.  You should not get into these circumstances to avoid getting angry.  For example, if you hate the early morning rush, you should start off 30 minutes earlier in order to have enough time to prepare without feeling pressured.

6. Forgive

Do yourself a favor by simply forgiving the persons you are angry with.  Holding a grudge against someone can make you filled with negative thoughts and emotions which can affect your well being. 

You should learn to accept the fact that we are all imperfect and prone to commit mistakes.  Set yourself free from negative emotions by forgiving the people who had offended you and caused your resentments. 


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