There are times in your life when you feel that you innate energy is just not there.  It might be fatigue, drowsiness, absence of passion or lack of oxygen in the body that causes you to feel tired, and there might still be other reasons why your energy just seems so faint.

You can actually summon your energy and make it work for you by using simple techniques.  You will be surprised at how these uncomplicated processes will recharge you.

1. Passion Triggers Energy

Passion is characterized as a strong emotional attachment towards an activity which generates inspiration and energy and the desire to bring more of you into what you do.

Everyone loves to talk about their passions and most people can draw energy just by thinking about them.

If you feel drowsy and you want to have the energy to stay awake, take time out, stand up, walk around, think and talk about your passion or something you feel strongly about.

2. Deep Inhalation Pumps Energy

According to research, one of the reasons people smoke, aside from the addictive nicotine that makes smoking a habit, is the act of deep inhalation they take which pumps more oxygen to the blood, which also passes on the oxygen to the brain and all of the cells in the body.  You can just imagine how this makes them feel more energized and alert.

You can actually duplicate the same relaxation and experience that a smoker gets by breathing slowly and deeply for two to three minutes, minus the cigarette of course.

Close your eyes and relax, inhale deeply at the count of three then exhale on another count of three; feel the energy that flows through you.  Do it several more times and be energized.  One more benefit you can get from this is the enhanced oxygen supply of your brain which will make you think better.

3. Breath like a Baby

Babies breathe deeply, moving their belly and not their chest.  It’s the kind of deep breathing that nature wants us to do to get the best out of it.  But it’s not the way adults do it, for we breathe too shallowly and we have forgotten how to breathe the way nature wanted us to.

Shallow breaths can not give you the same energizing effect as deep breaths do.  We need to consciously take deep breaths in order to get the amount of oxygen that nature wants us to take and we need to make it a habit in order to maintain the energy within us.

These are just simple techniques.  Try them, develop them into habits, and see the big difference these will make in your life.