Yoga is a healthy physical, mental and spiritual discipline which many people think are intended for persons who have lots of spare time to spend.  On the contrary, it is meant for everyone who has interest and enthusiasm to enjoy its health benefits.  In truth, anyone who can breathe can actually perform certain forms of yoga.  This alone, can offer you some de-stressing and healing benefits.

Here are two simple yoga exercises that can help to reduce stress in the office:

1. Breathing

The most common form of breathing that people do everyday is take short, quick breaths per minute.  This type of breathing cannot provide your body with sufficient oxygen to energize your body and brain cells.  This can make you vulnerable to certain risk factors like headaches, depression, insomnia or irritability.  You can actually avoid these symptoms by breathing properly.

To improve your breathing, start by counting the number of inhale-exhale cycles per minute.  Slow your breath down by imagining that you are filling a three-quart container with air.  It’s the actual air capacity of your lungs.  Then slowly exhale as you try to empty your lungs.  Do this on a regular basis and you will be used to utilizing your lungs to its fullest.  This practice will help you to take fewer breaths per minute.  It also makes you more resistant to stress.

2. Stretching

Stretching can help to relieve you from muscle tension.  You have to stretch – especially if you trapped in a sitting position for long periods.  You can do it by extending one of your legs straight in front of you.

With your heel touching the floor, slowly point your toes upward to your knee.  Move your body forward as you breathe out, then inhale and gradually bend your knee and let the sole of your foot touch the floor as you return to your normal sitting position.

Stretch your torso by pressing your shoulders to the back of the chair with your buttocks firmly positioned on the chair seat.  Slide your upper body to the left as far as you can then inhale before you return to your upright position.  Do the same to the opposite side.  This will help to loosen the tense muscles that can give you chronic back pain.



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