Feeling good is what everyone wants to experience throughout his life.  But with life's ups and downs, it would be impossible to feel good all the way for we are all dealing with different people, situations and events.  You cannot control people, situations and events, but you can control how you feel and act. 

Thoughts can trigger feelings.  They can determine your moods.  It is important that you should know how to control your thoughts so that you will be able to feel better especially in difficult situations.

Here are seven things than can help you to feel good:

1. Calming and relaxing thoughts

Thinking relaxing thoughts can help to ease your tensions; they can make you feel calmer.  Bring your mind back to a situation or place that made you calm and relaxed.  Let your thoughts bring that same exact feeling to you right here and now.  Spend a few minutes in that situation and let that relaxed feeling run through your entire body.

2. Exciting thoughts

Thinking of exciting thoughts can help to make you feel good.  No matter where you grew up as a child, there were always moments in which you felt excited that you cannot describe the thrill and pleasure that you were feeling.  Bring that situation back in your mind once again.  Recall the event and make it more colorful in your mind.  It should make you feel good.

3. Funny thoughts

Thinking funny thoughts can always make you giggle once again.  Remembering funny moments which made you laugh uncontrollably can set you in a happy mood.

4. Thoughts of amazement

Remember a time when you saw something amazing. Seeing a comet perhaps or witnessing an amazing performance or a wonderful work of nature can bring good feelings.  

5. Thoughts of your best performance

Thinking of a time when you were performing at your very best can surely bring flashes of euphoria to your mind.  Even ordinary persons have the capacity to do their best.  It could have happened in the classroom, at the office, in sports or in a contest.  It could be anywhere without you thinking about it consciously.  But the feeling that it gives even by just think about it can surely make you high.

6. Thoughts of achievements

Counting your blessings is one way to make you feel good about yourself.  It can even give you a feeling of gratification.  Achievements are blessings which are given especially to you.  You should feel good about them.  Remembering how other people were very happy about your achievement brings back that amazing feeling.

7. Love

Love is a good feeling and its memories are a treasure in your heart and mind.  Bringing back the time when you felt intense love for someone and recalling the intimate moments you spent together can surely bring you to a good mood.

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