The sense of smell is closely related to our basic instinct, which is survival. This basic sense is responsible for alerting us and relaying information to the brain when unusual scents are detected, like scents of leaking gas, tainted food, or perhaps offensive body odors.  This primary instinct also energizes us or stimulates our brain when the right aromas are sniffed.

Alertness Inducing Scents

Scents of lime, lemon, orange and other citrus fruits stimulate alertness.  In order to wear the scent and be energized for the day, the use of citrus-scented lotion is recommended.  If you want to boost your energy at work, freshen up your workspace with the aroma of citrus.  You can apply a small amount of citrus oil on a cloth and place it near your table or work area.

The scent of Jasmine is also a good factor that will rev up your energy, as it causes production of high levels of beta waves in your brain.

The smell of strawberries and buttered popcorn causes people who exercise to burn more calories.

Strawberries and buttered popcorn will cause people who exercise to burn more calories.


Inhaling a chocolate-like aroma when they felt hungry had caused the subjects in a study to lose three pounds in two weeks.  Another study which involved 3,193 subjects also found that those who sniffed the smell of banana, green apple or peppermint lost an average of 30 pounds in six months.

Scents that Improve Romance

Both men’s and women’s sexual instincts are aroused by scents, but the smells that stimulate them are not the same.

The scent of lavender stimulates blood flow in the male penis by 40 percent.  Other scents that arouse a man sexually are the smell of doughnut, black licorice, women’s fragrances and vanilla.

Lots of women are sexually turned on by the smell of cucumber or licorice, but they are turned off by the aromas of cherries, barbecued meat and ironically, men’s cologne.

Calming Scents

Another study also discovered that the subjects who were agitated after being confined in a dark closet calmed down to the smell of green apples and cucumbers.


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