Forgiveness is the process of putting to an end the feeling of anger, resentment or indignation against another person who wronged, offended or hurt you.  It is often given freely without seeking the offending person’s punishment or restitution.

Forgiveness is a quality of the soul just like love, peace, and respect.  It is not an attitude or behavior and it starts when you decide to surrender the negative emotions that burden your spirit.  It is a choice you make, to love rather than nurture hatred in order to overcome the negative ego that tries to overwhelm you with constricting feelings.

Since forgiveness is letting go, it also entails your conscious willingness to forget.  Pain disappears when you prevent your mind from becoming a battlefield of your own emotions.  When you release forgiveness, you’re actually letting go of your negative feelings.  Forgiving without releasing pain and anger is a mistake; it only makes you more miserable.

Here are some steps you make to release forgiveness:

1. Release your negative emotions

If negative feelings can have their way out, it would be easier to release forgiveness.  There’s a way to do this without confronting the person you wish to forgive.

Take a piece of white paper and write the person’s name on top of the page.  Write down all the acts that the person did to offend or hurt you, then release your hurt, resentment, anger and frustrations due to those experiences.  Be serious, feel every word you say and write them down.

2. Forgive yourself

If you are done with the first step, shift your focus to yourself, and with your eyes closed, say these words in your mind: “I forgive myself for allowing (say the person’s name) to hurt me.”

3. Meditate to express your emotions

Meditate on your feelings towards the person you want to forgive.  In your mind, let him know how deeply hurt and upset you are by his actions.  Don’t hold back, express yourself to the fullest.  If you feel the need to physically hurt him in your mind, then do it.  Your negative feeling must go so that forgiveness can sit in.

4. Forgive

While you are still in a meditative state, think of a healing light coming down to blanket the person you wish to forgive.  Visualize him inside that light and in your mind, tell him that you have forgiven him for what he has specifically done to offend you.  Reaffirm your act of forgiveness and release him into the light.

This might sound strange but you have to understand that you are letting go of your negative energy and releasing forgiveness with the power of your mind.  This will give you the power to heal yourself by choice.