Here are some of the most common uses of hydrosols:

1. Facial Spray

Hydrosols help to provide balance and hydration to your face. Just be sure to close your eyes when you apply hydrosol mist to your to protect it from getting irritated.

2. Body Spray

When used as body spray, hydrosols provide a cool and refreshing feeling. It also gives your body a light but pleasant fragrance.

3. Hair Spray

The pleasing scent and hydrating properties of hydrosols make it an effective hair spray.

4. Deodorant Spray

Hydrosols also contain properties that help to fight and prevent body odor. Apply hydrosol mist under your arms and other parts of your body except your genitals.

5. Foot Spray

Certain hydrosols contain anti bacterial properties that work to kill odor-causing bacteria. You can use them to mist the tops and bottoms of your feet to keep it fresh and free from foot odor.

6. Anti-Itch Spray

Hydrosols that are produced from peppermint and witch hazel are useful in treating itching due to dandruff, dry skin or insect bites.

7. Air Freshener

You can use hydrosols to provide a refreshing scent to a room and to obtain the calming and relaxing effects it can bring to your senses. Spray the hydrosol in the space that you intend to fill with relaxing aroma, but be sure to avoid furniture, pets, open beverages and foods.

8. Linen Spray

You can also use hydrosols to add fragrance to linens such as bed sheets and towels.

9. Aphrodisiac

Certain scents can stimulate sexual desires, depending on the situation or the man or woman who smells it. But you can choose from an array of hydrosol scents to activate your love juices. Some of the hydrosols you can spray in your room to put you in the mood for love include frankincense, peppermint, Roman chamomile, rose, spearmint, nutmeg, and vetiver.

10. Meditation Spray

Hydrosols can help to put you in a meditative state. These include water products obtained from distilling angelica root, frankincense, holy basil, and white sage.

11. Wound Spray

Certain hydrosols contain anti bacterial properties that help to kill germs and disinfect wounds. They also promote fast healing of cuts and abrasions. Hydrosol sprays that help to heal wounds include angelica root, cistus, geranium, helichrysum, lavender, tea tree and witch hazel.


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