From a medical point of view, anxiety is a multisystem response felt by humans due to a perceived threat or danger.  Some forms of anxiety are caused by post traumatic syndrome, but a large portion of these are triggered by the anticipation of future events, which in effect causes depression.

Anxiety is a known energy drainer.  It triggers the onset of many other conditions such as tension, abnormal palpitation, concentration difficulty, sweating, insomnia and fatigue.

There are lots of ways to treat anxiety, but many people prefer to treat it naturally by means of herbal healing. Here are some of the known herbal remedies to treat anxiety.  But as a word of caution, you must first consult your doctor for proper advice before you use any of these.

Magnolia bark – Not many people have heard of this powerful herb before, but people who are familiar with it know that it is a potent treatment for insomnia, which is one of the major causes of depression and anxiety.

Phellodendron bark – This herb is used by Chinese herbalists to cure anxiety and restore overall mental and physical well-being.  It provides relief by regulating your stress hormone.

St John wort – It is a flowering plant which is widely used in Europe to treat mild to moderate depression.

Valerian – Many herbalists consider this herb as the most potent herb to address anxiety.  It works by restoring sleep and treating nervous disorders by positively influencing the body’s chemical processes.

Lemon balm – A calming herb that promotes sleep and soothe agitation, this herbal medicine is used in ancient Greece for its ability to trigger relaxation and reduce anxiety.

Hops powder – For centuries, this herb has been used to treat insomnia.  Although it still remains to be proven, recent researches also suggest that hops powder can also treat depression.

Passion Flower – This is one of the most common herbs which are known to treat insomnia and anxiety.  Dried flowers of this decorative plant can be used to make tea to promote better sleep and calmness.

Chamomile – A relative of the sunflower, this herb’s leaves are used to make tea which herbalists utilize as a natural alternative for treating anxiety, restoring sleep and improving the body’s metabolism.

You may not know it, but there are herbs around you which can help you treat anxiety with minimal costs.  Know them with the advice of professionals and you will be able to help yourself and the people around you.

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