One of the greatest concerns of parents is their children's health and nutrition.   As much as possible, they would always want to make their children energetic and smart.


As a parent, your most natural approach to make this happen is to nourish your children with the right foods to make him physically and mentally healthy and alert.


Here are some of the foods which can help to make your child smarter:


1. Vitamin B rich foods


Every parent is proud and happy to see their children excel in the mental performance.  The optimal function of the brain and nervous system is propelled by vitamin B complex which is known as the vitamin of mental performance.  Foods rich in vitamins B1, B6 and B12 include pork, eggs, liver, whole grains, beef, kefir and potatoes.  You should include these foods as a regular part of your children's diet to ensure that their concentration and mental alertness is at the optimum.


2. Vitamin C rich foods


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which helps to boost your child's immune system and cognitive abilities.  Studies show that vitamin C deficiency is one of the causes of cognitive and learning disabilities in children.


It is very important for pregnant women to make fruits and vegetables a part of their daily diet in order to get sufficient amounts of vitamin C to ensure the mental health of their unborn children.  Parents are also encouraged to teach their children to eat vitamin C rich foods like apples, lemons, oranges, blackberries and strawberries.


3. Foods with Lecithin


Lecithin is a substance which helps to provide your children's brain with oxygen for mental clarity, and improved memory and concentration.


Foods rich in lecithin include egg yolk, soybeans, liver, chocolate and vegetable oils which are obtained by means of cold pressing.


Lecithin plays an important role in the function of the nervous system.  A deficiency of this substance may lead to irritability, poor concentration, sleeping difficulty and ADHD in children.


4. Foods with Omega 3 for children


Omega-3 is the brain food which you should include in your children's diet to make them mentally alert and smart.  It also helps to boost their immunity and prevent mental and personality disorders such as ADHD and autism.  Mothers should eat omega-3 rich foods while they are still pregnant. 


Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids include tuna, mackerel, salmon and trout.  


5. Breakfast


Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day.  It should be able to sustain about 80 percent of your child's daily needs for carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals for physical and mental energy.  Children who skip breakfast don't usually perform at their best in school.


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