Smoothies are healthy, energy-boosting drinks that are blended from easily available fruits, some of which may already be in your home.

Smoothies are highly nutritious. They require less energy to digest because of their milk-shake consistency and they are all natural, although many of them are sweetened.  You can drink them as often as you want; before or after your daily exercise, during snack time or as a temporary replacement for a regular meal when schedules make it difficult for you to prepare one.

To be able to make smoothies yourself instead of buying these from health food stores, you need to buy a juice extractor to make fresh juice and a blender to mix your ingredients.  Buying these will prove to be a good decision because they will work for your health and financial advantage in the long term.

Here are some energy-boosting smoothies which can be easily prepared at home:

1. Banana & Fig Smoothie

This smoothie is made of one ripe banana, three to four sun-dried figs, a tablespoon of honey and a cup of water.

Put all the ingredients in the blender and mix.  When the mixture becomes smooth, add a teaspoon of pollen bee pollen powder for added energy, vitality and stamina.

2. Honey & Bee Pollen Mix

Put one tablespoon honey, one teaspoon bee pollen and a cup of water in a large glass and stir it with spoon to mix, then, pour ginseng extract into the glass before drinking.

This is an easy to prepare quick energy booster that improves digestion and enhances the production of sex hormones.

3. Egg Yolk & Carrot Juice

This drink, which is made from a large cup of fresh carrot juice and a regular size egg yolk, is a highly nutritious and cleansing drink.  It restores your energy and fills you up with protein.

Put the egg yolk in the cup of carrot juice and stir with a fork in order to get a good mixture.  Add protein to the mixture by putting in 1/2 teaspoon of spirulina powder.

4. Soy Milk, Egg Yolk & Honey Smoothie

This energy-boosting smoothie is a rich source of nutrients that provide health to your brain and nervous system.  The soy milk it contains is a protein alternative for pasteurized cow's milk, while honey recharges your energy and benefits your digestive tract.

In order to create the smoothie, just put one cup of unflavored natural soy milk in a blender and add one egg yolk and one tablespoon of honey.  Stir to obtain a smooth blend and it's ready.

You can actually put in more ingredients to the smoothies if you want to.  Just be sure to add ground or crushed ice to the blend in order to make it more refreshing and tasty.


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