There are two types of infusions that are known to sustain energy, and they are made from plants with the deepest and darkest greens.

An infusion is a large amount of herb brewed for a long time. It results when plants are saturated with oil or water.  While it is similar to decoction which extracts chemicals by boiling, infusion uses herbs that easily dissolve in water or release their active ingredients spontaneously in oil.

Nettle Infusion

A daily cup of infusion made from a plant called Nettle is known to boost your energy without the effect that caffeine does to your nerves.  When taken regularly, Nettle can strengthen your adrenals, the glands that sit atop your kidneys which secrete adrenalin when you are under stress.  Strong adrenals give you high tolerance to stress which can do a lot of negative effects to your body.  Healthy adrenals can also do miracles to your immune system.

You can make nettle infusion by placing an ounce of dried nettle leaf into a quart jar then filling the jar with boiling water.   Tightly close the jar with its cap and let it steep or saturate overnight after which it will be ready to drink.  For a cooler drinking experience, you can refrigerate the infusion before taking it in; just be sure you will consume it within 36 hours.

But you don’t have to worry if you can’t drink all of it in the prescribed period because nothing will go to waste, as leftover infusion is good fertilizer for house plants.  They can also be used as hair rinse.  Consuming several quarts of nettle infusion per week can give you enough energy to work and do a lot more things in the evening; things that can make your days fun and enjoyable.

Outstraw Infusion

Oatstraw is an herb whose green stalks, leaves and grains contain nutritive, tonic, nervine and antidepressant properties.  It is characterized by lower calorie content but rich in vitamins A and C.

As an infusion, oatstraw is known to help build energy, reduce anxiety and it gives its drinker the positive outlook effect.

Like the nettle, outstraw infusion is prepared by using an ounce of oatstraw boiled with a quart of water, and left to brew for four to eight hours.  You can drink it either hot or cold, or you can mix it with honey, miso or any blend of juice, coffee or brandy as you wish.   You can let the infusion stay inside your refrigerator and drink it when you feel the need to re-energize yourself.



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