Worry and negative attitude are two things that can lower your energy level.

As it is, worry is the feeling of concern, uneasiness or being anxious about something that has not yet come to pass – and many of the things we worry about never actually happen.  Worry is after all unnecessary in many respects, aside from the fact that it doesn’t help to solve the problem.

Worrying is actually the art that we humans do to send negative messages to our subconscious mind, which later turn into negative beliefs and find their way into our system and mess up with our choices and decisions.

Don’t let worry engulf you and don’t ever give it a chance to become a habit, otherwise it will rob you not only of your energy but the good life that you have the right to live and enjoy.

A worry-free life is a life filled with energy and vigor.

Apologize for Your Own Sake

If you have hurt or offended someone, the feeling of guilt will become a burden that you will carry for a long time except if you decide to do the thing that can liberate you from the nasty feeling:  Humble down and apologize.

Bearing the feeling of guilt is burden enough that will drain you of your energy.  You can’t be energetic and positive and be filled with the feeling of guilt at the same time.

There’s no other way to make things right but to sincerely make amends and admit whatever fault you have done.  The other party might not be receptive of your offer of apology but it doesn’t matter.  You can’t control how they feel about it; the most important thing is that you have done what you need to do to make things right.

Remember, you are also doing it for your own sake; to free yourself from the feeling of guilt which has become a monkey on your back.

Shun Mr. Always Right

Mr. always right is that someone who always argues with you and wants to prove you wrong; that someone who always has a better story to top yours.

These are annoying persons that you need to avoid; and they are not aware that they have such a problem.

Taking on an argument and trying to prove that you know better than the other guy is physically and emotionally draining.  Your energy rushes out of you like you’re fighting a bull.

But it’s not only you who’s feeling the effect of the senseless argument.  The other party experiences it too.

If you catch yourself acting like Mr. Always Right, stop right on track before you spend your own as well as someone else’s energy on matters that don’t really make much sense.