Migraine headache is a great energy sapper. It can steal your productivity potential and it can deprive you from enjoying any activity that you do. 

If you are a migraine sufferer, you should be able to know some natural measures to treat this disorder.  These can help to alleviate your suffering especially if medication or professional help is still unavailable at the moment.

Here are some ways to treat migraine headaches naturally:

1. Avoid the light

Migraines are can be caused by the presence of piercing, blinding or flashing lights.  If you have a migraine attack, you should keep yourself away from lights by turning off any source of light in your room and keeping the curtains down to keep your room as dark as possible.

2. Avoid noise

Noise and other auditory stimulation can also contribute to migraines.  If ear plugs are available, you should use them to prevent noise from getting into your head. 

3. Use ice to reduce migraine pain

Wrap the throbbing part of your head with ice wraps.  These will help to reduce the throbbing pain in your head.  You can also put some ice wraps behind your head and apply pressure on the throbbing site to alleviate the pulsating pain in your head.

4. Get some sleep

One important thing that you should know about migraines is that it often attacks people who have irregular sleeping cycles.  People who are well-rested and have regular sleeping patterns are less likely to suffer from migraine attacks.

It is quite impossible to feel sleepy when you are suffering from intense pain.  But you should try to induce yourself to sleep in order to let that painful experience go by.  The dark and silent room can help to reduce the trigger factors of migraine.  It should be able to induce you to sleep as well.

6. Massage the throbbing area

The most common thing that people do during migraine attacks is to massage the affected area of their skull to reduce the pain.  But if you can have someone do it for you, it would be more soothing because it can help you to feel relaxed.  You should also have your neck and shoulders massaged as it can help to give you some relief.

7. Relax

Migraine can be triggered by stress and anxiety.  Try to relax and avoid thinking stressful thoughts when you have a migraine headache attack. 

Anxiety and stress are factors that can trigger its onset.   You can avoid migraines by de-stressing your life.  You can do it by exercising, getting some early morning sun, surrounding yourself with good friends, laughing often and avoiding negative situations. 


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