Common cold is a mild, acute viral infection that affects the nose and the respiratory passages but not the lungs. Although mild, it is a highly communicable disease that can infect any person who is exposed to someone who has the virus.

Common cold will just go away naturally especially if you have a strong and healthy immune system. But for some who can’t stand the hassles and discomfort of a runny nose and headache, resorting to medical or natural remedies is a top priority.

Here are some of the most effective natural methods that you can do to of treat common colds:

1. Gargle

Add one teaspoon of salt to one-half glass of warm water and use it to gargle four times. Salt contains antiseptic properties that can kill germs. If you find salt too bad in taste, you can gargle with tea that contains tannin. It can help to provide relief to your sore throat.

2. Drink ginger tea.

Ginger has long been used to treat common colds and flu. It also contains tannins which work to provide relief to sore throats and upset stomachs.

3. Take hot steamy showers.

Hot showers help to provide warm air that works to hydrate your sinus passages, reduce inflammation and clear your congestion. If hot shower is not available, you can wet a washcloth or face towel with hot water, place the towel from above your upper lip to your forehead and breathe through your nose. This technique can help to bring warm moist air into your nasal passages. It can help to relieve sinus headaches and nasal congestion.

4. Take eucalyptus oil supplement.

Taking 200 mg doses of eucalyptus oil supplement per day can help to relieve inflammation, congestion, and headaches. You can also apply eucalyptus or mentholatum ointment under your nose to breathe in its vapor. It can help to reduce congestion and its associated headache.

5. Maintain proper sanitation.

Always dispose of used tissues in sealed containers after each use. Wash your hands and face immediately after sneezing, blowing your nose, or making contact with common contact areas such as doorknobs and counters where cold viruses could be transmitted.

6. Take vitamin C everyday to strengthen your immune system.

Taking it only when you have cold has little positive impact. The only way to ensure a strong immune system is to take enough vitamin C everyday.

7. Get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids.

This is an old technique that continues to work until today. Fluids like fruit juices supply your body with added vitamins that help to boost your health and resistance. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out the organisms that caused the infection. Getting enough rest enables your body to gather enough energy to fight the disease.

These are some of the most common natural methods of treating common colds.