Anger, like love, happiness, joy, fear, guilt and loneliness is an emotion that helps to guide us live secure and peaceful lives.  We need to understand its true nature in order to harness its energy and transform it into power of will.

Most people categorize anger as a negative emotion, but the truth is; all emotions become negative when you deny or refuse to express them.  All emotions become destructive when they are suppressed.

Anger Has a Purpose

Anger is a message telling you that a change is necessary.  If you are angry because someone doesn’t treat you with respect, you need to change something with your relationship with that person.  Trying to keep your cool despite the unhealthy treatment only makes matters worse for you.

Here are four basic steps to transform suppressed anger into will power:

1. Own your anger and take responsibility for it

Simply admitting the feeling of anger and taking responsibility for it allows you to lift it out of its repressed, destructive state.  Owning anger is transforming the experience into something positive.

2. Express it in writing

Expressing your anger on a piece of paper is one way to let go of a suppressed emotion that’s trying to choke you.  Write down how angry you are, including the thoughts that makes you furious.  After 20 to 45 minutes, your anger will have subsided.  This will be the time for you to destroy the paper, tear it to pieces, burn it, or flush it down the water closet.

You should be a bit relaxed by now.  It’s time for you to take a break, pamper yourself with a hot bath or take a relaxing walk in the park.

3. Use your imagination to express it

Free up your mind by convincing it that you have released your anger towards the person that caused it.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t actually know the difference between things that you imagine and what actually happens in reality.  A good example for this is the fear that you feel when you watch a horror movie in which you are afraid despite knowing that you’re actually safe.

Close your eyes and imagine that the person that makes you angry is standing right before you.  In your mind, tell him how angry you are.  Kick him, knock his head and hit him in the mouth.  Whatever you wish to do imaginatively, do it and don’t hold back.  Use your mind to transform your anger into positive energy.

4. Release forgiveness

After venting your anger to those who have wronged or offended you, you can now forgive them.  Picture them in your mind and tell them “I forgive you.”  It is not necessary to talk to them physically, what matters is your success in convincing your mind that you have released your anger and that you have forgiven the people who caused it.

Release repressed anger and fill your life with happiness and inner peace.