Sweating is a natural function of the body to keep it healthy and normal.  It helps to keep regulate your temperature and to shed off toxins that are trapped inside your body.

Sweating is not a concern especially if the quantities are within the normal range, depending on the activity and situation that you are in.  But if you sweat excessively even if it is not warranted by the situation, chances you are suffering from a sweating condition called hyperhidrosis.

Excessive sweating is an energy sapper and it can be a cause for embarrassment.  People who are suffering from hyperhidrosis tend to be socially withdrawn and lacking in self-confidence.  The thought of sweating profusely in the middle of a social situation can be too overwhelming for the sufferer to take.  If you are suffering from excessive sweating, you should take steps to stop it.  Here are some of the ways to stop excessive sweating naturally:

1. Shed extra pounds.

One of the most common factors of excessive sweating is excess weight.  Before you take steps to stop your sweating, you need to check your body mass index first.  If you are overweight, you should bring it back to normal as it might be the cause of your profuse sweating.

2. Maintain a healthy diet.

A healthy diet can help to keep your weight within normal.  This will also help you to avoid profuse sweating.  You should avoid junk foods and foods which are laced with preservatives because they contain toxins that activate your body’s normal defenses like sweating, to wash away the harmful chemicals that threaten your body.  You can reduce excessive sweating by eating natural foods.

3. Use herbal treatment to stop sweating.

One natural way to stop abnormal sweating is by using herbal treatments like drinking sage tea regularly.  It can help to reduce your body’s need to sweat excessively.  If you have sweating hands and feet, you can soak them in a basin that contains about one quart of water with five tea bags.  You should allow the tea to cool before soaking your hands and feet in the basin for about 10 to 15 minutes.

You can also alleviate the sweating of your hands and feet by soaking them in white vinegar and water for at least 10 minutes.  You can remove the unpleasant odor by washing your hands and feet with soap and water.

4. Avoid spicy foods.

Eating spicy foods can stimulate sweating and make your problem even worse.  Besides, they can also cause body odor.  You should avoid eating spicy foods when you have hyperhidrosis.

5. Keep your body clean.

Being clean and wearing clean comfortable clothes that provide enough ventilation can help to minimize your sweating problem.  Keep your body temperature down by staying away from the heat of the sun.  Take showers as often as you can in a day to avoid profuse sweating and odor problems.  Bring extra clothes that you can use if your sweating becomes excessive.

5. Avoid caffeine, smoking and alcohol.

Excessive caffeine, nicotine and alcohol intake can stimulate your body to sweat.  You need to eliminate these substances from your body to succeed in combating excessive sweating naturally.