Mental fatigue is a condition manifested by low alertness or cognitive impairment.  It is usually results from prolonged mental activities due to work, relational problems, stress or lack of sleep.

For most people, signs of mental fatigue such as poor concentration, clumsiness, finding normal tasks more complicated, and committing errors begin to set in later in the working day.

Severe mental exhaustion and stress can lead to depression.  Its effect on your well-being is worse than physical fatigue because it takes away your ability to think and reason clearly.  

There is no established cure for mental fatigue.  The elixirs and herbal solutions that are promoted in the market offer only temporary remedy.  The best person who can help you alleviate mental fatigue is yourself.

When you feel that your mind is feeling down, try to examine what you need to recharge it.  Here are some ways to help you relax your mind and recharge your mental (and physical) energy: 

1. Get plenty of sleep

Although mental exhaustion can still get into your system even if you have enough sleep, it is a big factor that can help you to recharge your mental and physical energy. Sleeping can also help to let your mind and body cope up with day to day stress.

2. Take time out to look inside yourself

Spending time alone in a quiet place to look inside yourself and reflect on your spiritual side is a refreshing experience.  Time spent alone in prayer, meditation or confiding inner reflections through a journal or diary are among the best ways to alleviate a tired mind naturally.  

3. Exercise regularly

Exercise helps to ease your tired mind by helping your brain to release endorphins, the hormones that give you the feeling of "natural high." Doing 20-minute exercises on a daily basis can already help you to refresh and unwind from your past mental challenges.

4. Spend time to let problems go by

Whether you like it or not, problems are ever present in every minute of our existence.  Worrying about them only stresses you out.  There are even times when worry does more damage to you than the problem itself.  Give yourself some time to be free from problems.  Go out with friends or family for dinner or getaway.  Avoid watching sentimental movies.  They can only add more to your stress.

5. Do breathing exercises

Taking deep breaths and holding them for 10 seconds before exhaling slowly can have some soothing effect on stressed minds and muscles.  This is because you are supplying oxygen-rich blood to your brain and the other tissues of your body.


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