Perseverance is the steady persistence or steadfastness in doing something despite difficulties in achieving success.  It is action with a sense of purpose.

Everyone wants to succeed.  In fact, most people even want to dominate.  But strong opposition and unfavorable situations prevent many of us from achieving what we want.  It is perseverance that keeps a few going despite the obstacles.  It is a virtue that helps them make their way to success.

Everyone likes to increase their perseverance, but only a few actually know how to do it.  This article is intended to let you know the 9 factors that can help to raise your perseverance.

1. Take responsibility for yourself.

When you are on the road to success, envy is the normal reaction that you will encounter from people who know you.  Some of them are your friends and members of your family who are afraid of "losing" the former you, and they become critical of your plans. 

If you are overly concerned about what these people might say, you might lose your desire to go on and allow your dreams to just fade away.

Boost your perseverance by finding friends who are supportive of your aspirations.  This can help you to keep moving to realize your goals. 

2. Use positive reinforcement on purpose.

When you watch movies, buy CDs, books and other media for your entertainment, select the ones which can inspire you and uplift your spirit.  As much as possible, avoid those that carry depressing themes; they can only bring you down.

3. Live healthy.

Health is necessary for energy and stamina.  These are two of the basic elements of perseverance.  You should keep yourself healthy to maintain your focus, resilience, optimism and self-confidence, mental clarity, and intensity.   

4. Seek the truth.

Seeking the truth and not what others think is true can help you to make good decisions.  It helps to make you true to yourself.  You lose your will to persevere when your decisions are based on what other people think is true or correct.

6. Learn from the mistakes of others.

Perseverance is not just about going on despite the obstacles.  It also involves avoiding mistakes which were already committed by others.  Making the same mistakes committed by others only reinforces self-disgust and low self-esteem.

Boost your perseverance by getting advice from someone who has done what you're trying to accomplish.

7. Identify and eliminate counterproductive habits that can take you away from focus. These include:

– Complaining
– Blowing small issues out of proportion

– Dwelling in the past

– Worrying about things that may never happen

– Worrying about things that you cannot control

– Viewing yourself as a victim

Instead of blaming, complaining or focusing on what you cannot do, shift your attention on what you can do.

8. Forgive yourself and others.

Forgiveness is the only way to let go of negative emotions that you carry around.  These are unnecessary burdens that tend to pull your perseverance down.  They include grudges, disapproval, hatred, and disappointment. 

9. Don't quit.

Refusing to quit is one of the greatest attributes of perseverance. Had Thomas Edison quit after a thousand failures in his attempt to produce electricity, we might be living in a dark, miserable world today.


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