Running is a sport and many people choose it as their favorite exercise.  Running is a good exercise because it keeps people trim, fit and full of energy.  It also allows the runner to see nature at its best and it makes his mind wander off to avoid stressful thoughts.  But aside from its being an enjoyable exercise, there is something that can spoil your running experience and that’s injury.  Every runner wants to avoid getting injured as it’s a painful incident which can impair and limit his running experience.

Running injuries are not uncommon, but these can be prevented if you know the basic methods to avoid them.  Here are some of the ways to prevent running injuries:

1. Use the right shoes

You may not know it, but your shoes play an important role in protecting you from running injuries.  You just can’t hit the road and run off with any rubber shoes.  You have to wear appropriate running shoes if you are taking running seriously as an exercise, sport or hobby.

Some of the ways to pick the right running shoe for your feet are to pick the shoes that match the shape of your feet or to seek the advice of a running or exercise expert.  Wearing the right type and fit of shoes when running can help to protect your feet from injuries.

2. Don’t push yourself too far

Injuries are very common in runners who are too eager to run long distances even if they are still new in this exercise.  This can cause exhaustion, muscle cramps and body pains.

Beginners should start with short distances and they should know when to increase their travel distance depending on their endurance and stamina.  This is a gradual process and each runner should be aware that a sudden increase in miles without being physically prepared for it can be a cause for injuries.

3. Warm up before you run

Stretching before running is not sufficient to prevent running injuries.  As a runner, you should make your body warm enough before you even start running.  This will allow oxygen rich blood to circulate your body, make you more flexible and protect you from injuries.  Some warm up exercises you should take before running include jogging, knee raising, back pedaling, butt kicking and shuffling.  For maximum performance and energy prevention, you should warm up for two to five minutes before hitting the road.

4. Choose a good running surface

The surface that you use to run plays an important part in preventing injuries from taking you off to the sidelines.  Flat surfaces which are soft and easy on your feet are ideal for runners.  These surfaces include grass fields, asphalt roads and artificial surfaces which are built for running purposes.  Surfaces which increase your risk of getting injured include uneven tracks and concrete roads.

These are the basic things that you should know if you want to take running as a serious exercise.  These can help to protect you from injuries which can stop you from enjoying its benefits which include pleasant experiences, lots of energy and a sense of well being.

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