Body odor is a spoiler social spoiler and an energy sapper as well.  It is one of the worst situations that can happen to anyone especially if he or she is in a public place or a social occasion like a party of just a plain gathering.

No one likes to smell bad.  But there are people who are not aware that their body odor is offensive to other people.  The best thing one can do to avoid getting into these awkward situations is by observing these good hygienic practices:

1. Always wear clean clothing

Your clothes are the best accumulators of bacteria that cause body odor.  You should wash them thoroughly after each use and dry them well before placing them in your closet.  As much as possible, you should wear a new set of clean clothing everyday.  Try to sniff them before putting them on.  Always bring an extra pair of clean shirts in your bag to ensure that you will be wearing fresh clothes after each time that you sweat unexpectedly.

2. Use antiperspirants to curb sweating

There are two types body odor suppressants sold in the market.  These are deodorants and antiperspirants.  These are two different things that many fail or don't bother to know. 

Deodorants fight body odor but they allow the body to sweat.  Antiperspirants are also sweet smelling substance that helps to stop body odor, but they have the ability to block your pores to prevent them from sweating.

3. Bathe properly and as often as necessary

Bathing is the only way to wash away sweat, body oils and bacteria that accumulate on your body on a daily basis.  All people take baths but not everyone bathes properly to effectively remove offensive smells. 

You should use the right soaps which have the ability to kill odor-causing bacteria.  Use shampoos which can give your hair and scalp fresh and clean.  Give more attention to the areas where sweating and body odor usually occur like your armpits and around your groin to wash away the bacteria that accumulated there. 

If you are a heavy sweater or if you are dealing with an activity that can make you sweat profusely, you might need to bathe more often to prevent the accumulation of odor causing bacteria in your body.  Just be sure to always wear a fresh set of clothes after each bathing session.

5. Antibacterial soaps do the job better

Many people are attracted to the fragrance of soaps and bath gels to keep them odor-free.  While fragrant soaps try to cover your body odor with scent, most of them are not quite effective in eliminating bacteria that caused the offensive smell. 

Antibacterial soaps are intended to kill bacteria that's causing odor to your body.  You should use them to stop body odor.  You can also use fragrant soaps afterward if you want to enjoy their perfume.

6. Keep your skin dry

Bacteria like to live in wet places in your body.  You can actually help to prevent the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria by keeping your body dry. 

Towel yourself thoroughly after each shower.  Apply antiperspirants in your sweaty areas like your armpits and groins.  Wear clothes that allow proper air circulation to help keep your skin dry and ventilated.

7. Avoid foods that cause body odor

There are foods that can affect the way your body smells, like spicy foods, onions and garlic.  Try to minimize consumption of these foods to avoid emitting unpleasant body odor.


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