There are no rules on how to start and prepare your self for meditation, but it would be good to make yourself ready for it because it helps to condition your mind and body to go into a meditative state.

You can actually start meditating immediately if you desire, but if you really want to go into a deep meditative state and you have time to prepare, these tips would be of great help.

1. Avoid eating for at least one hour before you meditate.

Eating heavily before a meditation session may make you feel drowsy. But if you feel hungry, you should eat a light meal that’s just enough to make you feel comfortable.

2. Taking a shower before a meditation session can help to make you feel cleansed.

Taking a shower or taking a hot bath before meditation is a symbolic act of cleansing. It also makes you feel fresh and clean and relaxed at the same time. This can help to set your mind in the mood to meditate.

3. Make your comfort a top priority.

Being comfortable during a meditation session can help you to concentrate fully. This can keep you free from uneasiness which can be distracting. When you meditate, you should wear loose comfortable clothes. You should also see to it that the area where you do your meditation is warm enough to allow you to fully concentrate on your activity.

4. Relax you mind before you meditate.

You need to free your mind from stressful thoughts before you start to meditate. One way to do it is to engage in an activity that you enjoy without exerting mental effort, like going for a walk, or listening to some relaxing music.

5. Release your stress through some physical activity.

You can perform some light exercises before you start a meditation session. This will help to ease the tension that stress has brought into your muscles, nerves, and other organs of your body.

Exercise helps to improve circulation and oxygen supply in the body. It eases tense muscles and it relieves stress. Just don’t forget to cool down after your exercise and before you begin to meditate.

6. Take slow, deep breaths to prepare your self for the meditation.

Taking slow, deep breaths is an important part of meditation. The increase in oxygen supply helps to keep your body relaxed and improve your ability to concentrate.

7. Create a relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to meditation.

An atmosphere that is conducive to meditation can greatly help to condition your mind to go into a deep meditative state. A place that is prepared for meditation is one that is lighted with two or three burning candles, burning incense, some meditation music playing in the background, and dim lights. These should make you feel relaxed and set you up for a fulfilling meditation session.

These are some of the preparations you can do to condition your mind and body for a deep and fulfilling meditation.