Raja yoga is a form of yoga which is intended to give you control over your mind and emotions.  It involves a number of mental exercises which are designed to awaken the deeper faculties of your consciousness.  Practicing Raja Yoga on a daily basis helps to give you positive emotional energy and a sense of well-being.

If your mind is peaceful, you will also attain inner peace.  If there is peace within each person, the world will be a better place to live in.

We need to live with the aim of achieving peace of mind by understanding our selves and by allowing our souls to radiate positive energy.  You can do this by maintaining a flow of positive reflections towards yourself and others.  The soul is the spring of energy that creates thoughts.

Engaging in Raja Yoga meditation is one way to achieve inner peace.  Doing this mental exercise for just 15 minutes everyday is sufficient to energize you throughout the day.

This article intends to let you know the steps to perform Raja Yoga meditation.  Here’s how you can do it.

1. Assume a comfortable sitting position and close your eyes.  Take slow but deep breaths and sit still with your mind focused on your breathing. Other thoughts might enter your mind at this point.  Just let them come and go without focusing on them, and when you are ready, say these to yourself:

2. “I am a peaceful soul and my mind is at peace. I am sending this peace into the world.

As I concentrate, I am now living in silence and peace and thoughts of the outside world is slowly drifting away from my mind.  My burdens are lifted and my worries are fading away.  I am slowly changing into a beam of light, a light of positive energy that I can share with people around me.  I am energy and I continue to fuel my soul with light that drives negative thoughts and emotions away.

As I concentrate, I see myself as a being of light. I begin to realize that my physical body is not me, for I am energy that carries my soul and I shine like a star to bring peace and love to the world around me.  And I shall find peace within.”

3. The words above serve as an example of what you should say to yourself to obtain inner peace.  Just feel free to change them for your ease and convenience.  You can either utter these to yourself or say them out loud, and you can incant them anytime of the day, especially in times when you feel stressed, frustrated, angry or worried.

4. Conclude each Raja Yoga meditation session by uttering these to yourself:  “My soul is peaceful and today I will send that peace to each person I see.”

These are the four important steps of the Raja Yoga meditation. Meditation is an important aspect of self discovery.  You should learn to meditate because it can help to keep your mind healthy, peaceful and teeming with positive energy.