Sugar is an addictive substance that is not outlawed anywhere. Refined sugar is actually a pleasure drug that can give a warm, comfortable feeling which makes you feel safe and happy.

If we fight a war against addiction to dangerous drugs that ruins the lives of a minority of people, there’s no reason why we should not fight addiction to sugar because it affects the lives of everyone.

Just like addiction to drugs or nicotine, addiction to sugar is hard to overcome. If you are addicted to sugar, you should get off its hook before it can ruin your health and fitness.

Here are some tips that can help you overcome your addiction to sugar:

1. Acknowledge that you’re an addict. You won’t be able to take a step to overcome your addiction if you won’t admit that you are an addict.

Acknowledging addiction can open your understanding of its consequences which include diabetes, obesity, depression, tooth decay and high triglycerides which increases your risk of getting heart disease.

2. Freeing yourself from sugar can give you a very big chance of reversing its negative effects. A sugar free life means health.

3. Don’t get fooled by products that call sugar by other names. Don’t be tempted by processed or manufactured foods which contain sweeteners. Sugar has a myriad of other names which can catch you flat footed if you wouldn’t know them.

4. Don’t pamper yourself by avoiding sugar gradually. Stop right there and then. Remove sugar entirely from your system and be ready for the withdrawal symptoms which usually take three to seven days.

5. Use natural sweeteners like fruits and natural sweeteners to give taste to sweet foods. But you should use these sparingly to avoid your sugar craving to return.

6. Avoid hanging out with people who love sweet foods and drinks.

7. Remove sugar totally for at least three days until your craving stops. It might take longer for you to move on with your attachment to sweet foods, but you can overcome this with the following:

– Soothe your cravings by adapting a low glycemic diet;

– Eat in small meals five or six times a day without waiting for your hunger to set in. Keep your blood sugar level stable by eating protein rich foods in each meal;

– Drink plenty of water. This helps to flush out the sugar and other toxins out of your system;

– Focus on overcoming your addiction. You don’t have to indulge in any diet or exercise regimen while you’re still fighting the problem;

– Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you slip up. Instead of sulking for the mess, give yourself some protein rich foods to stabilize your blood sugar. Clean up, brush your teeth, remove the trace of sugar from yourself and get back on track.