Discouragement refers to an emotional state in which a person loses hope or courage to do what he wants to do or continue to work on a job that he is involved in.

It is a shadow that walks with your desire to accomplish and succeed.  It is a whisperer of negative words, an inducer of negative thoughts and a killer of dreams and aspirations.  It urges you to give up and make you believe that things aren't just right, and when you believe it, you're done, for it has triumphed.

Discouragement is one of your greatest enemies for success.  But it is powerless if you don't allow it to linger in your thoughts.  Here are some of the ways that you can do to overcome discouragement:

1. Avoid negative people.

Discouragement is often introduced by people who failed in their own endeavors of life.  Their misery makes them want to bring other people down to their own miserable level.  The old adage that "Misery loves company" is very true in real life.  You can always come across negative people who want to bring you down if you let them.

You have to avoid negative people; they are the closest allies of failure.

2. Think positive.

Positive thinking is one of the best ways to prevent discouragement from getting in.  It is a very powerful thing that you can use to fuel your heart and mind with the desire to perform what you intend to accomplish.

Fortify your plans with positive thoughts and statements.  Do it by compiling positive quotes from successful people.  These will keep the flame of desire burning in your heart.

3. Find an encourager.

An encourager is someone who believes in your capability to accomplish what you intend to do.  He is the person who can keep you moving knowing that someone trusts that you can do it.  An encourager can help to energize you with encouraging words when you need them.

4. Count your blessings.

Discouragement can easily come when you tend to forget your accomplishments.  Don't be deceived by negative statements or your own negative thoughts especially when things are taking a downward turn.  You should remember that no matter how influential of effective a person is, he doesn't get what he wants all the time. 

When you are confronted with difficult situations, you need to look back to your previous successes; they can help to rekindle your desire to fight.  Always remember that discouragement is just a temporary visitor who plays with your emotions.  Don't ever allow it to get the better of you.


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