So you just got your eyelash extensions done? We get it, you are happy and in love with your gorgeous and stunning new look. And definitely, you want to make them stay longer. 

Eyelash extensions are perfect for any look you want to try. But the thing is not everyone knows the proper care it needs to last. 

slay everyday with your new eyelash extensions

Don’t be too concerned just yet. Proper lash extension care is simple to remember and follow — it is actually not that difficult to maintain. You just simply need to be mindful and conscious of your certain habits most of the time.

In this article, we will share to you some secrets on how to make your eyelash extensions longer to slay your everyday look.

How long eyelash extensions last?

The life of your eyelash extensions typically varies based on several factors. 

For instance, your own lash cycle can affect the longevity of your lash extensions. The life of your eyelash naturally shed every four to eight weeks, so it is pretty normal for it to fall off during this period. 

Another reason is because of some of your habits. You may have the tendency to rub it or frequently touch it. These habits may cause the extension to get loose and fall. 

Sometimes, the humidity and exposure to heat may also play a role in the life of the extensions. As extensions are applied to your natural lashes using adhesive, directly exposing it to heat may cause damage to it.

So ideally, it should last for about six to eight weeks before it starts to fall out. This may last longer assuming you follow some of the proper care tips we are going to share in the next section. 

How to make eyelash extension longer

Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular among people who are interested in fashion or who simply want to look good to raise their self-esteem. 

Lash extensions are a life saver for many women who dream of having full, long eyelashes. Of course, there is no need to glam with mascara or a need to curl them.

Basically, lash extensions reduce the time allotted for makeup routine. Some women, even skip eye makeup because having lash extensions can already complete their look, and make the eyes look so dramatic.

Whether you have strip, magnetic or individual lash extensions, caring for your lashes is necessary to make them last longer.

Here are tips to keep in mind if to have a longer lasting eyelash extensions to stay pretty and stronger over a long time:

1. Avoid mascara

When you have lash extensions, never use mascara again. Why? Although it says it is water-soluble, it still contains waxes and oils that take a lot of effort to remove.

applying mascara can ruin the volume of the lash extensions

Do not forget that you should avoid oil as it melts the glue placed in your lash extensions. Besides, there is no need to use mascara at all. Your lash extensions should be enough to make your eyes pop and attractive without it.

2. Use eyeliner cautiously

Similar to mascara, you do not need eyeliner to make your eyes look dramatic. Lash extensions create this effect and sure, there is no need for it. However, if you really want to emphasize, you can use it thinly without tightlining.

If you use eyeliner, make sure that you know how to apply and remove it the right way. It may be a bit hard to remove eyeliner from the waterline. You do not want to stick cotton fibers into your extensions, which may ruin them.

Eyeliners are unnecessary if you want your lash extensions last longer. Skipping eyeliner frees your extensions of dirt. In short, avoiding it is healthier.

3. Skip the curlers

Curlers are one of the many reasons lash extensions fall. Instead of using curlers, try using lash comb to style your lashes. Just make sure to do it gently and carefully.

You do not need an eyelash curler to make your extensions look curled. If you have them from a lash technician, your extensions should look good. Moreover, curling them is a big no-no because you are only putting stress into your lashes.

4. Do not use cotton pads

It is important to keep your lashes clean but you definitely do not want to spend time untangling cotton fibers from it. For this reason, never use cotton pads near the lashes.

When cotton pads are used to apply extensions, they can rip the extensions and separate the natural lashes from them. The best thing to use is a cotton bud, but ensure that you are still doing it very carefully. Choose cotton buds with precise tips.

using cotton pads to clean your eyelash extension can shorten its life

In cases where you do not have a cotton buds with you, here some alternatives that your can use:

  • lash cleansing brush
  • mascara wand
  • spoolie dipped in lash cleanser

5. Do not rub your eyes

As we have mentioned, rubbing or even touching your extensions may cause it to fall out from the lash line. If you want your lash extensions to last, avoid rubbing your eyes. Rubbing is a complete disaster for your lashes.

6. Remove your makeup gently.

Lash extensions should be cleaned regularly. You do not want the make up, dust or any small debris to stick and pile up on it. But keep in mind that you need to be very careful working on your eyes when you have lash extensions.

You need to be very gentle when removing your eye makeup. As a tip, soak cotton buds in a water-base makeup remover and work on the eye area very carefully. Make sure to also avoid oil based make up remover and exposing it to hot water.

7. Do not sleep face down

For obvious reason, you should not sleep with your face down. Be cautious when sleeping because you do not want your lash extensions to go out of shape, or to get crumpled or crushed. If you want your extensions to last, sleep on your back.

8. Give it a break.

You may get addicted with eyelash extensions, but you should know how to take a break. Too much of anything is not good, so make sure that you provide some rest period before heading to another lash extension session.

9. Blow dry it

Exposing you extensions to water is just a big no but its unavoidable. Lash extensions are more prone to damage, especially when you let it dry naturally.

Instead, you can use a blow dryer to set your lashes in place. Be very careful though. Limit it to only 10 seconds in each eye. When blow drying, press the cool setting. Make sure to use the dryer some inches away from your lashes.

10. Condition your natural lashes

Your natural lashes need care even you have extensions. Use a high quality eyelash serum that helps strengthen and lengthen lashes.

Proper eyelash care maintains its quality and enhances you eye features

There are several eyelash serums on the market, make sure to choose the one that is safe and beneficial for the health of your lashes. Serums help speed up the growth of your natural lashes.

Healthier natural lashes add volume to your extensions.

11. Don’t play with them.

Some women love playing even with their eyelashes. You should know that you should never do this as it can pull your natural lashes, which can end up in shedding.

Playing, holding or pulling them can easily misplace the extensions. Avoid early shedding off of your natural lashes by not playing with them.

Getting a lash refill

As we all know, last extensions are not permanent even you are able to properly care for it. At some point, it will eventually fall out.

So you might be wondering: “when should I have a lash refill?”

Refills typically happen every two weeks. Although the proper care can do extend the lash’s life, each of your eyelash can still fall out naturally even if you touch or rub them.

So, if you want to make your eyelash look fuller, make sure to visit your lash technician for regular refills.

Hopefully these tips will help you maintain the life of your new extended lashes. Now you don’t have to go ahead and follow all tips but the more the better.

So keep that in mind and enjoy your new beautiful lashes! If you want to learn more about this check out our juicing and vitamins blog post for more natural ways to highlight your beauty.