Green smoothies are nutritious foods that are very easy to prepare.  It doesn't really take much of your effort and time to make a smoothie.  All you need is a decent blender and a lot of fresh raw greens and fruits and your smoothie is ready.

There are three known flavors of smoothies; these are the sweet, earthy or savory.  The flavor of the one you prepare actually depend upon on the ingredients you use.

Here's how you can make a green smoothie:

Your ingredients:

1 cup – Fresh greens, composed of spinach, kale, swiss chard or any other leafy green

2 cups – fresh or frozen fruit like bananas, grapes, pineapples or berries

1 cup – pure water, fresh juice or coconut kefir


1. Put fresh greens in your blender and add your favorite fruit into it.

2. Pour water, fresh juice or your coconut kefir into the blender to give your smoothie the texture that you want. If you want more liquid consistency in your smoothie, you may add some more liquid into it.  The amount of liquid that is mixed with the blend is really all up to you.

3. Blend the smoothie until it becomes very smooth.  This process may take between one and three minutes. 

4. Pour into glasses and enjoy.

Green Smoothies Benefits Your Skin

Green smoothies are known to contain nutrients that can give you a healthy glowing skin that clear of acne.  This is of course an added bonus as the health of your skin is just an indication of your overall health. 

The other health benefits of green smoothies are:

1. It helps you to lose weight naturally without starving yourself;

2. It is easier to digest and enhances your body's absorption of nutrients;

3. Its vitamins and minerals are great energy boosters;

4. It is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients which give your body the best defenses against diseases;

5. Its chlorophyll content fortifies your immune system and helps to purify your blood;

6. It helps to boost your mental energy;

7. It helps to reduce your cravings for junk foods, sweets, salt and fats. 


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