The kidneys are your body’s major organs that play an important role in keeping your body clear of toxic substances like lead, mercury and cadmium.  They maintain your body’s electrolyte balance and they regulate the pressure created by the heart while pumping blood through their filtering system.

The growth of kidney stones weakens your kidney’s filtering ability.  This could lead to the increase of toxic substances in your body.  High levels of toxicity is the primary cause of infections, heart disease, high blood pressure, heart failure, cancer and many other illnesses.

Chinese medicine points to the kidneys as partly responsible for the health of your teeth and bones.  They also play a role in some aspects of your body’s development like growth, aging and hair color.

The kidney’s health is directly affected by inheritance, diet, lifestyle and age.

Your kidney’s health and energy, which is manifested by the health and color of your teeth, can actually be enhanced naturally by eating sea vegetables such as wakame, dulse, arame and hijiki.  The Chinese herb He Shou Wu or Polygorum Multiflorum is also known to have beneficial effects that boost kidney energy.  This medicinal plant also helps to preserve youthful hair color as well as it can prevent hair loss.

The condition of your kidneys is a determining factor of your body’s general health and well-being.  Here are some of the ways to take care of these vital organs:

1. Avoid physical overwork and dehydration as these can also drain your kidney of energy.

2. Drink plenty of pure water to help your kidneys flush out the harmful substances that enter your body through the foods you eat.

3. Do not substitute natural, pure drinking water with coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks and other manufactured beverages that contain caffeine, alcohol, sugar or artificial sweeteners because they can trigger dehydration.

4. Engage in Tai Chi or Qi Gung.  They are energy building exercises which can also help to optimize your kidney’s health.

5. Watch your blood pressure and blood sugar level.  High blood pressure and high blood sugar level can affect the health of your kidneys as these can damage the small blood vessels that work to filter the toxic wastes from your blood.

6. Minimize salt intake.  Excessive salt intake can lead to the build up of calcium deposits that develop into kidney stones.  The sodium component of the salt which triggers high blood pressure can also cause your kidney to function abnormally.

These are some of the ways you can adopt in order to pamper and care for your kidneys.  These organs are working hard to keep you healthy, energetic and youthful.