Many people find getting a balanced lifestyle an impossible thing to achieve.  They think of it as a perfect situation where they get the best on all aspects of their lives, from career, family, sports and recreation to social life and rest.

Getting the best of everything is really difficult.  This is the reason why some people reduce the meaning of a balanced lifestyle to a happy compromise between being happy and being healthy and stress free.  This is the method of maintaining your “inner” and “outer” balance.

Inner balance is a state in which involves the process of regulating internal conditions such as the chemical composition of our body fluids.  These are done in order to maintain our health without regard to external conditions.

Here are some of the ways to maintain inner balance:

– Make it a regular practice to de-stress to relieve yourself of factors that rob you of internal energy and vigor.  Deep breathing, yoga, tai chi and other meditation techniques are some of the ways to rid yourself of stress that can lead to other physical and psychological issues;

– Make a healthy balance between your work and your family.  Many people choose family as their priority, but work should have its fair share of your time as it plays a major role in keeping your family whole;

– Maintain a positive outlook of life, look at the positive side of things and don’t be too harsh on yourself;

– Give yourself a break at times for a change, like going out on weekends. This will help your mind escape from the monotony everyday routine;

– Spend time to re-energize yourself internally by thinking pleasant relaxing thoughts;

– Laughter is a good way to keep your well-being intact.  It also helps to lighten the mood of the people around you.

Outer balance on the other hand, is a state in which we achieve good well-being by being mindful of our outward physical health.
Here are some tips that can help keep you up with good outer balance:

– Do exercises to awaken the energy inside you.  This will boost your strength, increase your stamina and helps to relieve you from stress;

– Maintain a healthy diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, milk and a little of foods that contain natural fat.  Avoid junk and processed foods.

– Maintain your energy level by eating regularly.  Try to take enough foods that contain antioxidants and vitamins.  These are also available from fruits and vegetable.  Drink at least eight glasses of water everyday;

– Stop starving yourself by chronic dieting.  Focus on eating for health instead;

– Taking a shot of wine daily helps to promote good health for your heart.  But you should avoid taking too much wine as it could be harmful because it destroys your brain cells, robs you of energy and leaves you dehydrated.