Your lungs are the major parts of your body which are responsible for the supply of oxygen that every tissue, including that of your brain and blood cells need to survive.  It also expels carbon dioxide which results from your body's breakdown of glucose when it transforms nutrients into energy during the aerobic cell respiration.

Your lungs help to protect you from pollution and harmful organisms that enter your body with the air you breathe.  It is your body's second line of defense, next to your nose.

Having healthy lungs also helps to keep your whole body in good condition.  It is very important to care for them in order to avoid complications which might affect the other organs of your system.

Here are some tips on how to keep your lungs healthy naturally:

1. Take milk thistle extract to help your lungs fight toxins which are found in the environment.  But you must be sure to seek professional supervision before starting this routine to avoid complications;

2. Make it a habit to drink green tea.  It is one way preventing the growth of cancer cells in your lungs;

3. Avoid smoking and get rid of second-hand smoke.  This is a way of protecting yourself from the risks of lung cancer and other smoking-related ailments;

4. Exercising regularly.  Exercise and other cardiovascular activities help to strengthen your lungs and give you added energy and stamina.  Physical exercises which include jogging, brisk walking, swimming and aerobic exercises all help to improve the performance of your lungs as well as your heart;

5. Eat healthy diets.  These include foods which are rich in fiber lean protein and anti-oxidants.  These can help to protect your lungs from diseases and improve their performance;

6. Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins and harmful substances from your body;

7. Limit your consumption of oily food, salt, alcohol and caffeine.  They can cause negative effects on your circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems including your lungs;

8. Avoid staying in places where excessive amounts of dust, harmful particles and fumes are present in the air.

These are some of the most important things you should do to maintain the health of your lungs.  You should remember that your lungs are vital organs that play a major role in your overall health.  You should take good care of them for longevity's sake.


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