Self-esteem is a personality trait that reflects a person’s sense of self-worth or personal value.  It encompasses a person’s beliefs, appearance, emotions and thoughts.

Low self-esteem can be a reason for a person’s lack of energy and drive.  It can also cause a person’s inability to harness his full potentials even if he has lots of talents to back it up.

Most people who struggle with low self-esteem are also lacking in self-confidence.  But despite this, many people with low self-esteem still managed to land in leadership positions.  These people, who are not true leaders, hide their lack of self-worth by taking on a controlling attitude.  They also have the tendency to eat others alive when things go wrong.

If you need to boost your self-esteem, here are some tips that you can apply in your daily life to make things better:

1. Love yourself

The first thing that you should do in order regain your self-esteem is to love and honor yourself.  One way to do this is by taking responsibility for your own life.  One indication of a poor self-esteem is when a person blames someone else as responsible for the things that happen in his life.  Blamers are people who are engulfed in negative thoughts.

You can actually get out of the web of negative thinking by changing your outlook.  Take control of your life.  Be assertive of your needs and learn to say no when necessary.  Appreciate yourself and see the beauty in you.

2. Stop judging others

People with low self-esteem tend to judge others just to feel better.  Let other people live their lives.  Stop judging others; but you can learn from their mistakes.

3. Relinquish your feelings of guilt

Being responsible for your own life is taking responsibility for your actions and move on.  Admit your faults and go ahead with your life. Don’t let guilty feelings stop you from moving forward.

4. Take criticisms as an opportunity for learning

Taking criticisms personally is indicative of a negative person who is living in an “untouchable” world.  Take criticism as a feedback and an opportunity for you to learn and grow.

5. Exercise

Exercise does not only help to develop your good sense of well-being but it also helps to give you a good image of yourself.  This boosts your self-esteem and self confidence in the process.

7. Laugh

Having a healthy sense of humor and seeing that living is fun keeps you away from the trap of self pity and negativism.  People who seldom laugh are actually unhappy, insecure and fearful.  They need a big boost of self-esteem.

8. Give yourself a pat on the back

Self-confidence is seen when you’re happy [or proud] with what you do or accomplish. Congratulate yourself even for the small things that you have done in a day.  If you can appreciate others, there’s no reason why you can’t appreciate your own.