The skin is an important part of our body.  It gives us our appearance, shape and sense of feeling. It protects us from the elements and it helps to regulate our body temperature in order to keep us alive.

We need to take good care of our skin because it is the showroom of our persona and it tells what’s going on inside us.

Many people are obsessed with how their skin looks.  This is one reason why many people tend to cover their skin flaws rather than get to the root cause to resolve the problem.  This is also one of the explanations why a myriad of skin care products are being sold in the market.

But it’s actually what you put in your body that the skin reflects.  It would not be necessary to put anything over your skin if you are healthy inside.  A glowing skin is an indication of perfect health.

There are two things that influence your skin’s condition, these are what you eat and how your live your life.  Here are a few of the ways to obtain a healthy flawless skin naturally:

1. Maintain a skin-friendly diet

Your diet matters when it comes to skin care.  Skin-friendly diets that include berries, nuts and leafy vegetables help to give you a healthy looking skin.  An occasional glass of red wine or a cup of green tea would do some favor to your skin because of their antioxidant qualities that help to protect your skin from agents that cause premature aging.

Fruits and vegetables are nature’s way of keeping your skin healthy.  The vitamins C and E that they contain help to protect your skin from damage due to free radicals and exposure to the harmful rays of the sun.  Vitamins C and E are powerful antioxidants when combined.

Shellfish and pumpkin seeds, on the other hand, work to give you the zinc that your skins needs for its regeneration process.  Processed sugar is something you should avoid.

Foods that contain ellagic acid like berries, cranberries and walnuts help to prevent wrinkles.  Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin to make it smooth and youthful.

2. Live a Skin-healthy lifestyle

Your daily exposure to the chemicals and harmful substances can be damaging to your skin.  X-rays, smoke from cigarettes and chemicals, even those contained by your own cosmetics are all potential contributors to skin damage and premature aging.

In order to guarantee natural skin protection, you need to sweat the toxins out regularly.  Steam baths and sauna help to release poisons and heavy metals and chemicals from your skin with their penetrating dry heat.  The removal of these toxins gives way to a better blood flow and allows skin cells to rejuvenate.

Dry brushing is another practice which improves skin condition.  It is also beneficial to your overall health in the sense that it improves circulation, enhances your immune system and keeps your skin clear of dead cells.  To do this, you need a natural-bristle brush which is gentle on the skin.  It’s available at a health store near you.