Sleep is one of the most important things you need to have in order to recharge the energy that you expended during your working or waking hours.

But there are some people who find it difficult to sleep.  This can lead to many problems which can put a person’s health in jeopardy.  One can only find good rest in dozing off to sleep, and failure to get one is a cause of fatigue, poor memory, irritability and other health issues.

The ideal amount of sleep that’s recommended by health experts is at least seven hours per day.  But if you find it difficult to find sleep even if you’ve been lying in bed for hours, try these simple techniques before asking your physician for prescription tablets.

1. Avoid alcohol at night

Drinking alcohol at bedtime to get you drowsy is nothing but a myth.  Your body actually reacts to alcohol the way it reacts to a stimulant which can keep you awake.  If you can sleep at all because of too much intake, the quality of that sleep is actually less than a normal slumber.  It might even wake you up in the middle of the night and send you off to the bathroom because of the alcohol’s diuretic effect on your body.

2. Bit night meals are a no-no

Indulging in heavy meals late in the evening creates a conflict with your sleeping time, as digesting a heavy meal actually requires two full hours to complete.  A light snack taken before bedtime might be help to make you sleep earlier.

3. Avoid caffeine after 4:00 pm

Caffeine or any other stimulants should be strictly prohibited after 4:00 pm; that is if you really want to dose off early.  Caffeine is an agent that keeps you awake and mentally alert even in the evening.  You should stay away from it during late afternoons until bedtime.

4. Exercise

You need exercise to boost your strength and staying power, but it also uses energy which you need to replenish in the evening through proper rest and sleep.  Indulging in regular exercise is a discipline itself and taking good rest is an essential part of the regimen.

5. Condition your body and mind to sleep at roughly the same time each night

A regular sleeping time each night can give your body and mind a regular sleeping pattern.  It is a developed habit at the start but as your body and mind adapts to the pattern, your sleeping and waking times become automatic.  Your body’s internal clock actually does the job for you.

7. Find positive relaxation before going to bed

Condition your body and mind to sleep by doing nothing in the hour before you go to bed.  Taking a bath with aromatherapy oils and listening to good music afterwards can send you off to dreamland.  Some people suggest reading a book but it has the tendency to stimulate your mind and keep you awake instead.  Make your mind dwell on a silent, peaceful place that you have visited; this could surely put you to sleep.  Avoid watching late night shows, it can only keep you awake and feeling tired the morning after.