Negative people are energy suckers that you can find almost everywhere.  Their negativity is very infectious it can take you down if you are not aware of who they are.

In order to keep yourself sensitive of who the energy suckers are in your life, you should know the signs.  Here are some of the things you will sense when you happen to come across negative people:

– a feeling of being degraded or squeezed;
– a feeling of being in a tense or unsafe situation;
– an urge to leave due to negative vibrations that tend to ruin your day

Many personality development experts also refer to negative people as the sob sister, the drama queen, the blamer, the endless talker and the fixer-upper who constantly needs help.  You will surely know who negative people are by these descriptions.

One very distinctive feature that negative people carry is their constant complaining; they seem to see only the bad side of things, yet they never actually do anything about it.

Here are some suggestions on how to deal with negative people:

1. Understand their story

A person may become negative because he hates his job, he’s frustrated with his life, or he simply lacks self-esteem.  He finds vindication by being manipulative and hurtful to others.

This type of person does not actually deserve your time.  Try to avoid them as much as you can.  But if he happens to be your boss, just play along for a while and treat him like a “squeaky wheel that needs oil.”

2. Don’t get involved

A negative person unleashes his negative tirades in order to get a reaction from you.  Whenever this happens, keep yourself detached from the situation. Don’t let him sap your energy by saying anything, just smile.

3. Ask them to say something positive

Some people are unaware how negative they have become.  Being negative has become a way of life for them after being surrounded with negative situations.  If these people are your friends, try to remind them that they need to look at the positive side of things.  Ask them to say something positive after each time they tell you a sob story.

4. Don’t feel valued by listening to the whines of negative people

If listening to the tragic stories of negative people over and over makes you feel valued, you are in danger zone.  Being valued does not actually come from persons who constantly complain about anything.  Feeling valued and trying to help them doesn’t help to make negative people any better.  They will continue to suck your energy if you won’t avoid them.