Criticism refers to the expression of disapproval of a person's actions, looks, disposition or preferences based on perceived faults or mistakes.  It is not easy to accept and not everyone is open to it, but we have to face it because it is a part of life. 

Criticism is something that we need to respond to with an open mind.  It can help to enable us to get something good from it. 

Dealing with criticism is a skill.  We have to learn to take it with decency and objectivity.  It enables us to face it with grace.  It helps to make us stronger and able to see things from a better perspective.  Here are some suggestions on how you can deal with criticisms in your life:

1. Strive to learn from it.

Most criticisms, no matter how they sound, have some truth in them, and you need to base your response from these truths and not on the way the criticism sounds.  Take criticism as an opportunity for improvement.  They may seem negative but they can help to make you see the things that you need to develop.

2. Look at it with objectivity.

Many people can easily spot faults in things that you do, but not all of them can express it in a tone that won't hurt you.  No matter how it is expressed, it is still criticism, and your best response to it would be to consider its suggestion and not its tone.  If you look at it with objectivity, you will have a chance to become a better person and turn your critics into admirers.

There's wisdom in criticism, you only need to see it with an open mind.

3. Appreciate it.

There is value in criticism because it is one of the keys that can open windows of improvement for us.  Sincere criticism can sometimes make us feel uneasy or uncomfortable, but it is many times better and more valuable than false flattery.

4. Don't take it personally.

A majority of people get offended when they are criticized.  They can not accept criticism even if it is intended to do him good.  If people criticize you for a mistake on something you do, it doesn't mean that you are not good as a person.  You should be able to detach yourself from whatever you do and don't take their criticisms personally.  

5. Learn to identify false criticism.

Some people use criticism to offend and to put others down.  This is one thing that you need to identify because it can bring demoralizing effects.  You will know that criticism is not sincere if it can't be justified.  You should ignore it instead of responding to it.  It can help to let your detractors know that you know their real intentions.

7. Do not react to criticisms immediately.

You need to take some time to evaluate criticisms.  It can help to make you move with prudence.  Responding to them with feelings of anger or resentment might make you do something foolish, and it can cause you more damage. 

Be patient with criticism and give yourself some time to evaluate it.  Meet it with a smile instead; it can help you to relax and ease the tension in the atmosphere.   


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