One of the benefits of yoga is its power to cultivate positive energy.  According to yoga teaching, an abundance of vital energy or Prana exists in the ocean, lakes, open fields and mountains.

But you can also feel positive energy when people gather in one place for the common good.  These places include your home, a church, temple, shrine and other places.

You can use this positive energy for the benefit of humanity.  You can exude this by doing acts of kindness and making your contact with other people a positive experience.  This includes treating everyone as special regardless of their economic and social status, avoiding emotional outbursts such as anger and refraining to take advantage of other people’s respect.

Most people desire positive energy but many of them think that attracting it is a mystery.

There is really no specific method for attracting positive energy.  But according to yoga teachings, it is something that comes from within.

To attract positive energy, you have to realize that you have an unlimited potential to do it.  You only need to engage in daily meditation and prayer as it can positively charge you.  This will enable you to help others and be concerned of their welfare.  This is positive energy at work.

Some of the ideas that help to make you cultivate positive energy include:

1. Meet each new day with excitement. Be warm to everyone you come in contact with;

2. Stop criticizing people around you especially your loved ones, friends and colleagues;

3. Treat everyone with importance regardless of their social and economic status;

4. Make everyday a time to tell your family that you love them;

5. Help other people by giving. You don’t have to be concerned of the price.  The most important thing is the sincerity of your desire to give;

6. Establish trust by becoming trustworthy yourself;

7. No matter what your age or stage of life is you have to establish goals to reach.  Your goals are seeds that attract positive energy.  This will also help to attract positively charged people towards you.

8. All people can fail.  When you fall down, you must not remain stuck to the ground.  Pick yourself up and don’t blame life for your obstacles.  Find solutions instead.

9. Appreciate yourself for your past achievements and learn from your past mistakes;

10. The way you deal with your life’s challenges is the determining factor of your success or failure; it’s just a matter of choice.