Your immune system plays a vital role in preventing common diseases caused by the organisms in your environment. Your lifestyle, food intake and other stress-causing factors are agents which lower your body's resistance to infections.

The immune system is your body's most important line of defense which acts as your armor against diseases.  You should fortify it by eating foods which help to boost its health and by avoiding excess alcohol, tobacco, sugar and other refined foods which cause toxic overload that contributes to the lowering of your body's ability to resist infections.

The foods which help to nourish your immune system include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts.  It is also good to take immunity-boosting supplements which can make up for what you temporarily lack in your diet. 

Here are some of the ways to boost your immune system:

1. Take foods rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are great immune system boosters because they promote the easy elimination of toxins without having your body spend much energy to remove them.  This gives enough time for your immune system to fortify itself. 

Foods rich in vitamins A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium are the best foods that help to boost your immune system.  These vitamins and minerals are potent antioxidants which eliminate free radicals that can cause damage to your cells.

2. Eat foods that contain Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)

Essential fatty acids play a vital role in the production of cells.  They are available from sea foods such as sardines, trout, mackerel, salmon and trout.  They can also be obtained from avocados and walnut seeds.  Olive oil is another good source of essential fatty acids.

3. Use herbal supplements

There are lots of herbs which contain substances that help to combat disease causing organisms and boost your immune system.  Some of these herbs include Cat's Claw, Pau d'Arco, Fungi and Astralagus.  But some herbs can cause contraindications with other medicines while others are too potent for some people to take, especially those with specific conditions like pregnancy.

You should seek the advice of a health professional before taking herbal supplements.    

4. Exercise and get some sun

Exercising and getting enough exposure to sunlight helps to fortify your immune system.  Engaging in deep breathing exercises such as jogging, dancing, swimming and playing sports and getting exposed to sunlight is also a way to relieve stress and improve the supply of oxygen rich blood to all the cells in your body.  Being free from stress and having invigorated cells all help to promote a strong immune system.

5. Get enough sleep and drink plenty of water

All the foods you eat to nourish your body won't serve their purpose without these two very important aspects of good health.  A tired body has a weak immune system and you can only restore its normal functions if you recharge yourself with enough rest.  Drinking your body's required amount of water everyday also helps your immune system by aiding circulation, flushing out toxins through urination and sweating, and keeping you hydrated.


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