With onset of the information age comes high technology.  The influx of computers has made many people, including children, sedentary.

Exercise is an important component of our health and well-being.  It doesn’t have to be the first to get kicked off your regular routines when tight schedules or urgent projects needed to be done.  But should this happen and you have the understanding that it would mean weeks of being away from your energy-giving routine, here are some options you can take.

1. Park farther away from your destination

Parking a bit farther away from your destination can give you the exercise your body is missing.  Walking the distance is actually more beneficial to our health.

2. Utilize the stairs

Make it a habit to always use the stair if your workplace or office is just one or two floors away from your parking spot.  If you are working way up the building, choose to exit from the elevator when you are two floors away and walk the stairs to your office.

3. Walk your way to the office if it’s not far

If your office is near your residence, choose to walk when you report for work.  Exercise and sunshine is a good combination to a healthy and energetic body and mind.  Riding a bicycle to work is a good alternative, but walking should be given preference.

4. Disembark at the next stop

If you are taking the bus home, you can skip the nearest stop and disembark on the next.  This will give you the chance to exercise by walking your way back home.

5. Make shopping an exercise routine

When you go to a mall or grocery store, aim to see as many items as you can.  This will give you the opportunity to walk and turn your shopping into an exercise at the same time. One place to avoid though is the junk food section which might temp you to pick one of those junk items which can erase all your walking efforts.  If you are a compulsive spender this exercise is not for you.

6. Walk during lunch breaks

Make it a habit to spend 15 – 20 minutes outside of your office or workplace during lunch breaks.  Doing breathing exercises at this time can also fill your cells with oxygenated blood to make you alert in the afternoon.

7. Give your kids a break

Make a way to exercise yourself and remove your kids from your home PC.  You should find time each month to take your kids out to the park to play with them or to the pool for a swim.  It’s a good exercise for the heart as well as it creates bonding between you and your loved ones.

8. Dance

Dancing to the beat of beautiful music is a fun and great way to exercise and refresh your body from the stress of your daily routine.

These options are only meant to take the place of a regular exercise routine.  But they do help in keeping you fit and mentally alert even if you’re living a sedentary lifestyle.



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