Negative thoughts are effective energy sappers. Aside from their ability to give you a bad feeling and put you in a bad mood, they also have the power to erode your self-confidence.

Technology has made our lives easier, but it has gone on a pace that's been killing us slowly with stress. 

Thinking negative thoughts is another thing that can ruin your days.  You should be able to block them because they also attract negative energy which tends to keep you away from living a happy and fulfilled life.

Here are some tips which can help you avoid negative thoughts:

1. Think of doors opening for you

Feeling bad at one time or another is a normal part of life.  Whenever this happens to you, try to visualize doors opening up for you.  It signifies hope, a break for new opportunities and it is telling you that it is not the end and everything will be well again.

2. Sing happy songs

Sad songs and songs of despair can catch you with their melody, but their lyrics can have a negative effect on your subconscious mind. 

You should be able to resist the urge to sing songs of despair and loss because they can be a spring of negative thoughts.  Sing happy songs; these can always put you in a happy mood.

3. Smile

Smile is one act which can give you a happy look.  If you are down and thinking negative thoughts at any moment, you can cut it off by putting a smile on your face.  Think of the funny side of the situation instead.  This will help to change your mood from gloomy to bright.

If you find it difficult think about funny circumstances, you can always go to YouTube or other video sharing websites to watch comedy videos which are certain to make you laugh your heart out.

Many people, especially those who dwell in the past, enjoy thinking negative thoughts.  They are subconsciously hurting themselves with this.  Blocking negative thoughts and replacing them with good ones is a habit that you need to develop in order to prevent negative energy from influencing your day. 

When you know how to block negative thoughts, you have the power to attract success and you will be able to smile and see opportunities instead of misfortunes.  Positive people have happy dispositions.  Their outlook makes them attractive to other people. It also helps to bring them to plenty of open doors of opportunities.

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