Peace, more than anything else is the ultimate purpose of human existence.  People who live in peace attract positive energy and those who live against it radiate vibrations that are filled with negativity.

Most often, it’s our own perception of things that makes us stressful and negative.  It’s our own resistance to see the value of [inner] peace which drives positive energy away from us.

Here are some tips to obtain inner peace and attract positive energy:

1. Meditate everyday

Always start your day with meditation.  Meditations don’t have to be complex.  No strident position is required of you in order to meditate effectively.  If you can relax and focus on your mere consciousness amidst thoughts and emotions, then you can meditate and attract positive energy into your body.

2. Treat others the way you want others to treat you

This is a very practical peace-keeping approach that was quoted from the bible.  One way to achieve harmony is to see others as yourself.  Treating others the way we want others to treat us eliminates negative emotions that repel positive energy.  Our existence is a manifestation that we are of the same essence.  Differences in our appearance do not necessarily mean that we are essentially different from one another.
3. Abandon your urge to control

Life is like a raging river which becomes harder the more you resist and struggle against its flow.  Trying to control a life situation is a cause for severe stress.  This makes you give off negative energy.  Just stay relaxed and go with the natural flow of life.  This will make you attract lots of positive energy and good vibration.

4. Look at the positive side of things

You should remember that it’s our own perception that makes things good or bad.  When you look at the positive side of things, you’ll see that there is pure grace in every life situation; you just need to look at some of them from a closer perspective.

5. Visualize a peaceful life

Conditioning your mind to think of negative thoughts can change your perception and way of life.  This drives away the positive energy that is in you.  Stop your mind from thinking negative thoughts and visualize yourself living in peace instead.  This will attract positive energy for you.

6. Don’t worry

Worry is never a solution to something that is yet to happen.  And some of them never happen at all.  Aside from being a great energy sapper, worry causes you to give off negative energy which can’t do you any good. Never worry.  Be ready for any eventuality instead.

7. Learn to forgive

If you nurture resentment against the past, you will not be at peace with yourself.  Dwelling in the past is not a cure for the heartaches it gave. You should forgive the past for what it was and go on with your life.  There’s a lot of positive energy waiting for you along the way.