Amino acids are molecules.  These are the basic components that that are necessary to create protein.  They act as a source of energy for the cells of all living organisms.  While some amino acids are created by the body, there are other types of amino acids that can only be obtained by eating foods that contain them, such as meat, dairy products and beans.

Amino acids play an important role in maintaining your health and energy; and insufficient supply of amino acids can have adverse consequences to your health and energy level.

A study conducted by the Milan University in Italy suggests that branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a good source of energy that your body needs in order to function normally.  The study further said that a regular supplementation of three types of amino acids which are known as leucine, isoleucine and valine, help to boost energy and lengthen lifespan.

The study was published in the Journal Cell Metabolism.  In order to observe the effect of the three amino acids on the body, the researchers used mice as the subject of their observation.  They supplemented BCAAs to the normal food given to the mice and after several months, they observed that the mice which were supplemented with BCAAs were more energetic and their life spans were lengthened by an average of 12 percent.

The supplementation of BCAA helps to increase the amounts of mitochondria, the component that produces energy for the cells, the researchers noted.  They also found out that it helps to improve the activity of SIRTI, a longevity gene which protects your body from oxidative damage brought about by free radicals.

The advantage of taking BCAA supplements against obtaining amino acids through food is that BCAAs are delivered directly into the bloodstream upon intake; this helps your body to renew its energy without spending energy in the process.  This is especially beneficial to athletes who need quick energy boosts and people who are suffering from energy defects like sarcopenia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

One important finding that the study reveals is that BCAAs are an excellent substitute for pharmaceutical drugs.  But because their benefits are not yet accepted to work effectively on humans, the researchers said that it would take time before these amino acids can be prescribed to patients for widespread use.