Sex is a gift.  It promotes pro creation and helps to cement a relationship between a man and a woman.  But aside from its primary purpose which is the preservation of human kind, it is also beneficial to your health. 

That's right, engaging in sex on a regular basis does have lots of health benefits.  Please read on to know more about the health benefits of sex.

1. It helps to relieve stress

Sex can help to keep you calm and relaxed.  It has the ability to give you a feeling of fulfillment which is similar to what you get after eating a particular food that you crave for.  The sleepy feeling that you get after sex also helps to reduce your stress levels.

2. It helps to make you sleep better

The increase of oxytocin and prolactin levels in your body after an orgasm is the primary reason why people fall asleep quicker after sex.  This drowsy after-sex feeling is more common to men than women.

4. It helps to boost your immune system

According to health experts, people who have active sex lives have higher levels of immunoglobulin A, a type of antibody which helps to fight off disease-causing organisms such as viruses that cause colds and flu.

5. It helps to burn calories

Sex is an intimate yet physical activity that helps to burn calories.  It is believed that a sexual encounter that lasts for 30 minutes is able to burn off about 150 calories from your body.

6. It helps to keep your heart healthy

A single sexual encounter helps to make your heart stronger.  It is because it has the same effect as walking up a few flights of stairs.  Sex is after all a good exercise which helps to give you a healthy heart and increase your cardiovascular function.

7. It helps to promote longevity

According to several studies, having an orgasm on a regular basis can help to make you live longer because it promotes good health and reduces stress.

These are some of the health benefits of sex.  Always remember that you can only enjoy these benefits if you practice safe sex.  Engaging in unprotected sex can lead to serious health risks such as sexually transmitted diseases.  You should avoid it to keep yourself clean and healthy at all times.


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