Headaches, tension headaches or even tension alone can cause a big discomfort which can ruin your day in an instant.  Headaches, especially the ones which are related to tension are very common.  It affects up to 78 percent of the world population.

Despite its being a common occurrence, headache is one of the most neglected sicknesses.  Health science has not done enough to formulate a long term solution for this ailment.  Most people who suffer from headache simply pop a pill and take a little rest.

Tension, on the other hand, can be treated by avoiding the stress or nervous situation that caused it, although some sufferers want medication for additional relief.

Because headache is one of the oldest ailments known to man, he has formulated many ways to treat this unpleasant condition. One of these is with the use of herbs.

There are two forms of headache and tension treatments that use herbs.  One is by taking the herb internally while the other is done by topically applying the herbs which were made into balms and ointments.  These include Tiger balm, nutmeg oil and peppermint oil.

A majority of herbal concoctions give off strong smells but these also play a part in inducing relief and comfort to the individual who’s suffering from the headache or tension.

Here are some herbs which were observed to relieve and treat headaches and tension:

Feverfew – this herb, which is related to the sunflower family. It contains the powerful compound called “Parthenolides” which acts as the agent that inhibits the compounds that cause inflammation in the head and body.

Ginkgo Biloba – is an antioxidant which works to improve circulation in the brain.

Chamomile – is used for its relaxing effect.  It’s also used as a remedy for stress and anxiety.  It has the ability to induce sleep.

Peppermint – is used for its ability to refresh the senses and for its soothing and calming effect on the body.

Valerian – is a powerful sedative.

Lemon balm and passion flower – for their ability to prevent a possible attack

Rosemary – used for its calming ability, it is one of the well liked remedies for headache.

Ginseng – a prized herb in Asia for its healing power on many ailments including headaches and tension

Aside from medical formulas that were manufactured to treat headaches and tension, there are many types of herbs that were used for centuries – to treat the condition.  These were all made to provide relief, but nothing prevents them better than a healthy lifestyle, sufficient rest and a positive state of mind and well-being.



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