The advancement of technology has its drawbacks because man did not take the necessary steps to control its most prevalent negative effect – air pollution.

Air pollution is a global problem.  It affects millions of people as it contaminates the air we breathe.  Many lung problems are linked to this worsening condition which is expected to blow up into catastrophic proportions many years from now.  Other factors that contribute to lung diseases are smoking and eating foods which contain harmful chemicals.

Due to the emergence of different types of lung diseases, science has formulated many forms of medicine to counter the effects these diseases have on the body.  But despite the advancement of science, many people still prefer herbal healing for its natural, safe and relatively cheaper impact.

There are many herbs that possess potent qualities to improve lung conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and lung cancer.  Here are some of them:


An herb which is perennial in Asia, Mediterranean and Southern Europe, Licorice is one of the most popular herbs in the world for its ability to treat many diseases including upper respiratory track infections, sore throat, and lung and bronchial problems.  It is also known as an effective cough suppressant.


This herb, which is a member of the Aster family, has been observed to treat persistent bronchial inflammation, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, silicosis, asthma and emphysema.  Caution should however be observed when administering concoctions of this herb because large doses may cause vomiting, diarrhea and stomach spasms in some individuals.  Professional advice should therefore be sought for proper dosage.

Asian Ginseng

Also known as Phanax, this Asian herb may provide invaluable help to alleviate lung conditions.  It is also known to strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health.  A 2010 study conducted at the Center for Cancer and Inflammatory Disease in Hong Kong Baptist University led by V.K. Wong, suggests that high doses of ethanol extracts of Asian Ginseng maybe beneficial in suppressing the growth of certain types of tumors.

There are also other herbs which were observed to improve certain lung conditions.  These are:

1. For lungs that are too dry, wild cherry bark, raw rehmannia    root, glehnia root, licorice root, slippery elm bark,                                and marshmallow root are suggested;

2. For lungs that are very weak, the suggested herbs are astragalus root, cordyceps mushroom, schizandra berries, amla fruit, ginseng root, and American ginseng root;

3. For simple mild lung inflammation, boswellia gum, scute root, and turmeric root are believed to be most effective.

These are the herbs that herbalists believe can help to improve lung conditions.  Should you wish to use these to treat yourself or an ailing relative, before you begin, be sure to seek professional advice from a medical practitioner.