Junk foods are the type of foods that many health and nutrition experts classify as unhealthy because of their being high in fat and low in nutritional value.  It doesn't help your body to produce new cells and it causes your body to deteriorate instead because it is loaded with fats, salt and sugar which increases your risk of getting major ailments like high blood pressure, stroke, heart and kidney diseases and diabetes.

Here are the four factors that make junk foods a risk to your health:

1. Fats

Junk foods are loaded with saturated and trans fats which can lead to the buildup of fat in your blood.  The fat that is present in the blood causes the clogging of the arteries and this can lead to high blood pressure, stroke or heart problems.

2. Salt

Excessive salt in the body can lead to the retention of salty water which can result in high blood pressure.  Taking in too much salt can also lead to excessive fluid intake.  This alters the balance of your fluid intake with your body's normal ability to dispose it.  This makes it difficult for your kidneys to convert excess into waste and this can lead to edema and kidney disease.

3. Sugar

Sugar has been linked to tooth decay because it has the ability to break down calcium.  But cavities are only the tip of a more serious effect that sugar can bring to your body.  You may not know it, but taking sugar in excessive quantities can cause osteoporosis. 

Sugar also makes your body store fat which is difficult to burn off.  This can make you gain weight which can lead to obesity and other health issues like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

4. Food Additives

Recent studies have found that the food additives present in junk foods can cause cancer in laboratory animals.  These food additives which contain BHT (Butylated hydroxytoluene), BHA (Butylated hydroxyanisole), saccharin and aspartame include flavor enhancers, artificial sweeteners, colors and antioxidants.


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