One of the most important foods which are part of a well-balanced diet is whole grains.  Whole grains are unprocessed grains.

Refined grains on the other hand, are the ones that have gone through a processing method which causes the loss of most of their fiber and essential nutrients.

Enriched grains are processed grains with some of its nutrients which are lost during processing added back in.

Whole grains are loaded with vitamins and minerals.  They are free from saturated fat and cholesterol which are associated with many health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, heart problems and stroke.

Here are four of the many health benefits of whole grains:

1. It promotes regular bowel movement

Whole grains are rich in fiber which is essential in keeping your bowel movements regular.  You should consistently include fiber rich foods in your diet in order to avoid constipation.  Regular bowel movement is necessary to make your body eliminate wastes which are harmful if it stays inside your body for a long time.

2. It promotes cardiovascular health

Aside from its function of helping to move away wastes from your digestive system, the fiber contained in whole grains also plays a part in protecting you from heart and cardiovascular diseases.

3. It helps to prevent type 2 diabetes

Whole grains have the capability to slow down the digestive process which leads to lower glucose levels in your blood.  This helps in preventing type 2 diabetes which happens when your blood glucose levels are often high.

4. It helps to promote weight loss

Excess fats tend to accumulate in your body when your blood sugar levels are high.  You can get rid of excess fats by eating whole grains which are rich in fiber.  It helps to keep your blood sugar levels low.  By making whole grains a part of your morning diets, your food cravings will be reduced.  It will make you feel fuller a bit longer and it can surely help you to shed excess pounds.