For many people, pollution of the air and the environment and the consumption of adulterated and processed foods are the most common causes of health risks.  There is no argument about that, but there is another group of commodities which many of us were not able to detect how hazardous they are to our health.

What makes the situation worse is: These products, which contain some of the most toxic and carcinogenic substances are found right in our very homes.  These products are even used by some of us and our family members on a daily basis.

These are the personal care and household cleaning products that find their way into our homes and right into our bodies.  Many of these products are laced with poisonous ingredients which are harmful to our health in the long term.  We need to eliminate these from our homes and replace them with healthy and natural alternatives.

Household Cleaning Products

Many household cleaning products contain carcinogenic and highly toxic chemicals.  Check the labels of the cleaning agents in your home and watch out for ingredients such as sodium hypochlorite, formaldehyde, phenol, creson and perchloroethylene.  If you can see any product that contains any of these substances, dispose of them at once and replace them with natural, non-toxic alternatives.

Some harmless and eco-friendly cleaners include citrus-based products made from orange or lemon peels.  These biodegradable, environment-friendly cleaners natural acids which are effective cleansers but they are harmless to your health.

Commercial Air Fresheners

Commercial air fresheners are simply artificial scents intended to cover a bad smell with its fragrance.  But behind their sweet scent, commercial air fresheners contain chemicals that are harmful to the nerves in your nasal passages.  Special attention should be given to aerosol fresheners because they can cause harm to your lungs if you happen to inhale them for prolonged periods.

The best natural solution to eliminate bad odor is to remove the agent that caused it.  Some of the ways to obtain refreshing scents include the use of fresh flowers, oil mists, and simmering herbs and spices which include cinnamon and cloves.

Fresh air can also be obtained by squeezing lemon or orange, mixing it with water and spraying it in a mist in the desired area.

Personal Care Products

You may not know it, but the most common personal care products that you use can contain the most harmful chemicals.  These include the nail polish, makeup, perfume, lotion, cologne, and many more.  One indication that you should take not of is their smell.  A strong smell emitted is an indication of the presence of a harmful chemical in your personal care product.

You should be especially wary about acetone, ethyl acetate, toloene, dibutyl phthalate and diethyl phthalates.  These substances are extremely toxic.

Remember this: Anything that you apply to your skin can get into your bloodstream through your pores.  If any of these agents are harmful, you will bear their bad effects.  Don’t let it happen to you.