Fatigue is a common complaint of people who are physically or mentally stressed.  It is a consequence of our daily activities including work and play.

People can suffer from two types of fatigue, the acute fatigue and chronic fatigue.

The medical Dictionary defines acute fatigue as the sudden onset of physical and mental exhaustion or weariness, particularly after a period of mental or physical stress.  Acute fatigue can disappear when the sufferer takes sufficient rest.

Chronic fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome refers to a disorder which is characterized by persistent fatigue unrelated to exertion and cannot be relieved by rest.  It is also accompanied by other symptoms which persist for long periods.

Chronic fatigue is an indication of the presence of an illness which needs medical or psychological attention.

In this article, we will deal with acute fatigue which is normally caused by the loss of energy due to physical or mental activity, or loss of iron due to excessive sweating or other causes.

Acute fatigue is a natural occurrence, and it can be relieved by the replenishment of energy through natural means.  Aside from rest, an easy way to restore lost energy is by drinking grape juice.

Here are some ways to get rid of fatigue with grape juice:

1. It helps to replenish the body’s iron supply.

Women and people who sweat excessively due to physical exertion are prone to iron deficiency.  This can cause fatigue and extreme exhaustion.  Grape juice helps to alleviate your tiredness by giving you more energy and replenishing the iron that you lost.

2. It helps to boost the immune system.

A weakened immune system can also cause fatigue and extreme tiredness, but it can be revitalized by drinking grape juice.

Grape juice contains antioxidants that help to boost the immune system and make you feel energized.  These antioxidants also help to protect you from free radicals that cause cellular degeneration.  This damage can lead to early aging, Alzheimer’s disease and certain forms of cancer.

These are some of the ways grape juice can help you to get rid of fatigue.  As a word of caution, it is important to note that people who are suffering from anemia are advised not to drink dark grape juice as it contains chemicals that can lower the iron levels of the body.

People with specific conditions like fibromyalgia, polymyalgia rheumatica and chronic fatigue syndrome are also cautioned against drinking dark grape juice because it is high in sugar which can cause energy crash.