Since the coronavirus started, many countries have imposed lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus.

Governments have to take drastic measures to help control the situation, which includes closing down schools and business establishments. People are ordered to stay at home unless you need to buy food or medicine. Travel restrictions are also in place, in effect, shutting down public life as we know it in the US.

It’s not all doom and gloom. There are tried and tested ideas on how to enjoy your time with family in such emergencies as this.

Whole families are now home, and you can come up with many activities to fight boredom, have fun, and be productive at the same time.

There are plenty of things you can do now that you have much time on your hands. We hope this will help you get through this crisis with a smile on your face.

Sing or Make Music

Who doesn’t enjoy music? Music is awesome, and you have unlimited options available.

There’s nothing more uplifting and enjoyable to do during this lockdown than to sing or make music with your family. You can always go for karaoke with the app Smule and sing your heart out with people from all over the globe.

For the musically inclined, you can make your own music. Music and song can show the community that your spirit has not been broken despite the crisis.

Cook with Your Family

You can experiment with the supplies you have in your cupboard and come up with a new recipe. This can be a great bonding time with the whole family. Who knows, you might come up with a new bestseller that everyone can enjoy.

Catch Up With Friends and Family

Loneliness can have a negative impact on your overall health. With much time on your hands, why don’t you reach out to friends and family whom you haven’t spoken to in a while?

You might be surprised that there are so many people that will be happy to hear from you after a long time.

Reconnect with friends and family or build new relationships with people you have just met.

Physical contact may be restricted, but technology can bridge the gap between continents. Skype, Facetime, and Zoom are popular apps you can use for video calls with your loved ones.

Organize Your Photos

You may have tons of photos that you have been meaning to organize for decades, now is the best time to start making your album. Walking down memory lane can be fun as you remember the good old days captured on film. This activity can leave you revitalized and encouraged for the days ahead.


If you have an Xbox or Playstation at home, why not enjoy a game of JustDance with your family? Dancing releases happy hormones and is a great way to bond with your loved ones. You also get a good workout if you keep at it.

You can also learn new dance moves by watching video tutorials on Youtube. With so much time on your hands, you can now learn a whole new dance routine that you can show for the next family reunion.

Home Improvement Projects

We all have those home improvement ideas that we keep on putting off because we didn’t have the time to start them.

Whether it’s painting the living room, fixing that leak on your roof, or weeding the garden, you now have all the time you need to get something done.

Update Your Resume

If you lost your job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time to update your CV. Making use of the time to secure your future is a good idea, who knows you may change careers or apply for a new job when all of this blows over.

Do Laundry

If you always stare at tons of laundry in your laundry basket, now is the time to empty the barrel. Make use of your free time to achieve that ultimate prize of having an empty laundry basket.


For some, this may sound boring, but imagine finishing a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. You can do a puzzle on your own or make it a team effort with your family.

You can also do contests as to who can finish the puzzle first.

Build Lego Challenge

If you have children in the house, there’s a huge chance that they love Lego. Come up with daily building challenges with the whole family for that unique bonding experience.

Lego is a great way to keep your children entertained and mentally stimulated. Build that space rocket, castle, fairground, or dream desert island; the possibilities are endless.

Write Letters

This is a dying art form that you can revive during this pandemic. Write letters of encouragement to friends and family who are in isolation; you can ask your children to write their own messages as well.

Write to your parents, grandparents, siblings, and close friends.

This is a great way to practice those writing and relational skills.


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